Masterkey Experience Lessons 2-3 Week 3

Lesson 2 Our difficulties are largely due to confused ideas and ignorance of our true interest. 

That statement by Haanel, could not be any more truer in my life.  I was a medical assistant working in a OB/GYN practice and I was underpaid, over worked, stressed unappreciated and getting frustrated. Decided in 2003 to return back to school since I had an associate degree in science half the battle was done, right?  Nope, my sciences were not transferable because 5 yrs lapsed. No worries money wasn’t an issue work was paying for it, so I began with all my Science courses, I had no social life but It was a small sacrifice to pay.  Here is the kicker, I never wanted to be a nurse, yes I loved my patients at work. I enjoy helping people always did, that’s what I did best but Nursing was not it for me no desire what so ever. Better money and appreciation from my bosses is what I wanted. (Ego). My patients appreciated me, I knew that, they always told me and thanked me for caring about their welfare they where the reason I stayed. January 2008 one class away from applying to Nursing schools.  Bam!  I’m struck from behind while I was trying to merge on a highway without a merging lane. That put me on a path of chronic pain. See I was telling my conscious mind that I didn’t want to be a nurse, had no desire for it and given a false impression to my subconscious mind.  My subconscious knew my objective to be false and put in to action to take me off my wrong path.  After years I realized that accident happened for a reason but it wasn’t until Master Keys lesson 2 that it showed me it was because my conscious mind was out of harmony with my subconscious mind.  It brought it all together for me.

2.17  Haanel wrote, receiving any suggestions as true, the subconscious mind at once proceeds to act there on in the whole domain of its tremendous field of work.  The conscious mind can suggest either truth or error.  If the latter, it is at the cost of wide – reaching peril to the whole being.

Wow! My ego and misalignment of my harmony cost me 10 years of chronic pain and depression. Never again will I force my conscious mind to do what I don’t want. From here on out I will tell my conscious mind what I want my objective to be and bring my subconscious the truth and find my power within.

Our exercise in lesson 2 was to be perfectly still and inhibit thought. The purpose is to give you control over all thoughts of care, worry, fear and will enable you to entertain only the kind of thoughts you desire. At first try it didn’t take long for the thoughts to rush in tried 3 more times and finally with the help of an image of a brick wall and a message written on it, no thoughts allowed it helped me get to a little over a minute f no thoughts.  Last week I was practicing shoving away negative thoughts from my mind but this week when the negative thoughts would sneak in they were replaced with what I wanted instead.

Lesson 3

3.17 Haanel says, it is our attitude of mind toward life which determines the experience with which we are to meet; if we expect nothing, we shall have nothing; if we demand much, we shall receive the greater portion.

Now I know why loyalty was never returned to me, and I always would question why, when I have  always been loyal to my friends.  Growing up I quest I was tired of being disappointed  that I decided to never expect anything from anyone. That way I would never be disappointed by anyone. Damn that explains a lot!  Seems like I ended up disappointing my self all these years.  No crying over spilt milk. I’m here to move forward.

These past 2 weeks I have been putting in to practice of putting my self in the present, not complaining about things as they are and controlling my negative thoughts.  Learning to understand that my thoughts and  feelings that I put out in to the Universe are what come back to me and seeing that my attitude, negativity, fear, judgements is why I been feeling so lost and disconnected from people and life. I’ve been wanting to change I just didn’t know how. Now I do! It’s true what they say power is knowledge!

I’m moving forward and even though I’m discovery I’ve been sabotaging myself I’m not mad or angry with myself.  I’m just glad I’m learning a new way and I’m starting to live a new life.  I’m also glad that I am an open minded individual and I like to think outside the box.

I always keep my promises!

Thanks for reading my blog and have an awesome week!  Peace Norina

Please be kind to one another it’s not hard to open a door for some one or tell some one they have a nice smile.  Being kind has no boundaries!


My week 2 with Master Key experience

My week 2 is really my week one and what a week it has been. Trying to get orientation and week 1 lessons in was fun and got my blood boiling.  I read my scroll out loud, ever night, I read it in silence to start my day and  I read it after dinner because I skip lunch.  I didn’t get the blue rectangle reference until Wednesday when I saw a post in the general discussion area.   Now that I knew what the connection was.  I was very curious when I would start seeing blue rectangles all around me. That night I recognized my first blue rectangle. It was my  binder that held my weeks lessons.   Which reminded me to do my needs out loud.  Of  course it did!   Today I did my needs by singing them and it made it fun.  My second go around was while I was driving.  As I was yelling my needs out loud I then turned my face toward the passenger seat and loudly proclaimed I need spiritual growth and true health.  As I was pointing my index finger and then I yelled it again to finish my lesson. It just felt like it will be done, it’s going to happen.

Let me get back to the blue rectangles, each day I was seeing more of them and it always drew me to my needs spiritual growth and true health. Even though I was finished with my chant for the day, it allowed me to think about my needs unconsciously. Hah Ha I’m loving it. This is even though I had to cram in 2 weeks when I was trying to get things done from both weeks and I was focused on getting what I could get done. I was thinking about it every day without realizing at the time that I was, until I started writing  tonight’s blog.  Friday night I was looking for my dictionary that was buried in one of the many box’s that has been packed away for 18 years. Never really needed to unpack my dictionary every again, thanks to my 2 favorite words.  “Ok” Google.  Let me tell you its  been 18 years since I looked up a word from a dictionary,  gotta say I enjoyed it.  Well back to my blue rectangles they where coming from ever where.  Shoe boxes even the shoes that where in the shoe box lol and so much more.  I can only hope that this is the universe letting me know that I will achieve spiritual growth and true heart and it’s putting it out there for all us not just me because the universe is kind when we give back in kindness. I’m here to seek a better way.  Just one extended week has shown me what is possible.  It’s already happening,  it may be tiny buts it’s forward motion.

Tonight as I was trying to sit still the strangest thing appeared in my mind, it was like a video playing in my mind. I couldn’t stop it until the scene was completed.  I even but it on pause with my own thought about how strange this was and after that thought came and went the scene played on.   The gentleman in my video was Tom Holden.  I was using his technic to make an appointment with a prospect by creating an agreement to make sure he showed up and kept his appointment.  I was doing the speaking, doing what he does and was teaching me and it worked. I experienced no hiccups in the verbiage.  It felt comfortable, like I was doing it for years.  I did not put that thought there the image just appeared.  This class is going to very interesting to say the least.  I love it!  Oh!  By the way his technic is 98% in kept appointments!  I might be a little off on those numbers my old memory is still here as well 😉

I never did get to the schedule this week that’s a definite for tomorrow I mismanaged my time last week. Making a schedule Saturday should improve that.  I also have to get in a good habit of reciting my DMP and sitting with a purpose of thought, those are my last catching up lessons and then I’m all ready for week 3.

In a nutshell as a ponder about the week what seemed like a rushed and fast week, and even though I didn’t write my schedule I was still focused on getting in my lessons and tasks done.  Time management needs work but I’m on it. During this week’s journey I have noticed my areas I need tweaking and I have the solution for them. I will be all caught up by the time Sunday rolls around and be ready for week three.  Curious to see what that will bring.  I’m counting on still seeing the blues rectangles every day.  Part of my DMP was I watch a video a day on learning good nuggets to grow my self and my business and I did every day, next is practicing it.  I felt more relaxed and I’m finally excited,  I wasn’t feeling that in the beginning, I’m feeling that tonight for the first time.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!  Please give me a chance to feel my way around on WordPress, and let’s see what kind of fun we can have!  Stay tuned!  I appreciate you all and have an awesome weekend!☺   peace

Please don’t litter  🚯 take the time 🚮 be kind to Mother Nature 😊 be Kind to Everyone!  you Deserve it!  Until next time Norina


My hectic first Master Key Experience week 1

Hello fellow bloggers, my name is Norina and this is my first blog entry.  I first heard about Master Key experience from an email and it made me curious, so I checked it out.  I liked what I saw so I started the process but I was extremely tired and decided to finish  it the next day. Well the next day turned in to next week because of my lack of focus and because of that I got in on the last night. My procrastination put me a week behind, while everyone all ready had their week of orientation and first week of lessons I was juggling orientation and week 1. My week one was cramming in how to navigate around and watching webinars, listening to audio, getting a blog set up reading the Master Key lessons and also reading scroll 1 of the Greatest Salesman in the World. My task for the week was in 400 words or less was to write my DMP.  What’s that?  Well its my definite major purpose in life and I had to get it submitted by Thursday night. That was definitely a mind block for me but I got in my first draft, while my fellow comrades where working on their there’s for 2 weeks.  I felt like a rat on a wheel spinning around and around and not getting anywhere lol.  I didn’t know about it until I saw my first live webinar Sunday September 30th and I also found out I had to write a blog. Yikes!  I was doing the task we are supposed to do but was feeling confused at times as I was checking out the general discussion area and seeing discussion about seeing blue rectangles and sitting still and practicing sitting still and inhibit all thought as you sit still.  My confusion was built on the  fact that the part of inhibiting all thought while sitting still was not in my work book.  I guess I’ ll figure out what’s amiss next week.

Every day we have to read the Master Key lessons and then practice sitting still in order to have complete control of our body. I wasn’t sure I could do it but by day 3 I accomplished 15 mins and continued that for rest of the week.

Now let’s talk about blue rectangles, which I was not comprehending until I saw a post from a guide and then I had a aha moment!  I than made the connection, blue rectangles when seen connect back to our index cards, that we wrote out on Sunday.  On one of our index cards we had to write out an easy chore that we had to get completed by October 7th and then color in a blue rectangle. On the flip side we had to write out our (PPN) which is our pivotal personal needs. On the other index card we had repeat do it now 25 times twice daily out loud with gusto followed by a blue rectangle . Flip side of that card I wrote what my needs are and then wrote I promise to. On each card it starts with I promise to than on bottom, I always keep my promises Norina Lelii.  Funny thing is I don’t make promises to myself just other people because my promise to you is my word.  I saw my first blue rectangle on Wednesday and I linked it immediately to my chore and task. Awesome.

It’s been an interesting 7 days so far and the week is still not done.  Now that my DMP is submitted and waiting for the guide to revise and the blog is completed I feel less stressed.  Writing always stressed me.  I still have lots of catching up to do.  I did get my chore done that I have been procrastinating about for a month.  I have yet to write my Blue Print builder out so I can read that ever day out loud once a day and I’m sure I’m missing others things. I won’t lie it has been stressful but once I get caught up I will be able to relax more and enjoy the journey and get more organized.  It definitely was a lot to deal with.  I’ve seen in the  general discussion about how everyone is feeling excited but as of now I don’t feel that way, but considering all I had to cram in this week im sure that will change.  Wonder what week 2 will bring.  Happy thoughts!

I appreciate you all and enjoy the rest of your week!

Peace  Norina