Finding the Kingdom of heaven Week 20 MKE

Feeling your power

8. When you begin to perceive that the essence of the Universal is whitin yourself –is you–you begin to do things; you begin to feel your power; it is the fuel which fires the imagination; which lights the torch of inspiration; which gives vitality to thought; which enables you to connect with all the invisible forces of the Universe. It is this power which will enable you to plan fearlessly, to execute masterfully. – Hannel

Is finding this power within me, can it be as simple as just believing in my self? Indeed it seems to be part of the answer, I’m not there quite yet but this course is showing me how to live in a more awareness of me and changing my bad behavior habits and replacing them with more positive actions and behaviors. I now expect more of others and myself. I can look myself in the the mirror and let myself know that I need to be better and not to procrastinate, and still say I love you Norina, just do better tomorrow. I’m reaching out again and asking for help, something I stopped doing along time ago. I have become more relaxed and less stressed about my current situation and feel unburdened by forgiving those who have trespassed against me. Finding gratitude in the small things in life has made me appreciate what I do have and has made me eager for more. My health may not be the best but I’m learning and doing things that will help my body heal it self. I’m liking that I’m learning again about my health and that in turn can help others and that will bring me joy. So I’m grateful for knowing how to read and able to comprehend the valuable knowledge that is out there. So much unlimited potential. Realizing that the things I have been doing have been acts of kindness made me feel better about myself. I’m enjoying the awareness that I see in myself, the good, bad and the ugly. Learning from my past can only improve my tomorrow’s. I have experienced give more get more on different occasions, it is a wondrous feeling.


9. Perception will come only in the Silence; this seems to be the condition required for all great purposes. You are a visualizing entity. Imagination is your workshop. It is here that your ideal is to be visualized. – Hannel

10. But as a perfect understanding of the nature of this power is a primary condition for its manifestation, visualize the entire method over and over again, so that you may use it whenever occasion requires. The infinity of wisdom is to follow the method whereby we may have the inspiration of the Omnipotent Universal Mind on demand at any time. – Hannell

Unlimited Potential

We all have the spirit within us. We have the tools to feel this power. Our thoughts and feelings need to be in harmony, we need to learn how to visualize, imagine and let our creativity and inspiration lead us to our power. As we sit in silence, and believe that each breath we take in; is the spirit of the divine and feel him in us for he is us and we are him, imagine the unlimited potential of our creative thoughts and the vibrations that we will send out to the Universe, once we find ourselves within and feel our power. I like the fact that as individuals we can all learn and harness this power of creative vibration and send it out to the Universal Mind. Imagine a world of constructive thoughts from every individual. Endless possibilities. What a shame we grow up wearing blinders, when these wondrous Laws of the Universal are at our disposal and we are oblivious to them. I want for every one of my class mates to find there power within and live the life they want and desire. I’m proud of you all for the awareness that you have found in your selves and practicing the 7 Laws of the mind, for wanting to change and doing the work. It is not easy looking at your past and seeing the time wasted, but there is nothing that I can do about the past, the sand has already ran out but I can live each day as a new one and grow to be better. I just need to get out of my own way now and eliminate the fear that is holding me back. I need to take that first step than the next, and if I fail I need to get up and take another step. If I don’t my other half of my DMP will never bear fruit. What would the person I intend to become do next? I need to get the hell out of my own way!

Thanks for reading my blog. As always find your happiness and share it with the world we all deserve it! Please join me in affriming for Molly and Mia that they are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy. Grateful for those thoughts. Be kind to Mother Nature


Week 19 in MKE

Negative memories are invading my thoughts at night

This week after the last webinar class, Mark left us with this question. What would the person I intend to become do next? I immediately thought, I need to drastically improve my sleep to improve my health of mind and body. My plan was to go to bed by 12 am and wake up at 9 am. I only did that 1 day so far this week. These past nights as I lay in bed negative flashbacks and they always seem to be different ones where crowding my thoughts. Last night was the worst night by far. I did the law of substitution, by using a memory of a trek in Africa to watch a family of gorillas. It had worked but than another came and I caught myself dwelling on it after a few minutes of it and finally said stop it. I started my affirmations of I am whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy. The thoughts kept coming. Thoughts of how my old friends only call upon me when they need someone to listen to see or need a favor. There were no feelings of hurt but there were feelings of resentment and sarcasism with those thoughts. I realized I was entertaining them for to long and yelled just stop it and asked the universe for help with these memories, thoughts. Than I turned over and put the TV on, hoping that it would help and the next thing I know my bladder was waking me up in the morning.

This morning I felt like quitting

I was feeling very low this morning, haven’t felt this way for sometime since I’ve been in this class. I was questioning myself do I want to continue or just go back to my old self. I’ve been on journeys in my like where it was just me, it always seems to be just me. My tribe is dead and I even asked in the alliance in 2 different areas of wanting to join an active tribe but didn’t get any responses. I did get a response from a comment I made on a blog, but the response of we’re all from Europe just felt like a put off so I just went along with it. It might not have been there intention it just felt like that to me. So I asked the Universe for help this time and it seems I got an answer. This afternoon there was in my email, a blog from someone I just started following last week, who has nothing to do with MKE. The title. Don’t be afraid of the unknown. It was about insecurity and fear of the unknown and why we shy away from what can actually help us grow. “We must be willing to risk the loss of who we are now, for the potential that who we can be in the future is far better” Adam. His next paragraph begins with an example of starting your mornings earlier. That’s when I realized that the Universe wanted me to see this. Than about an hour later I looked at my FB messenger. I usually wait until evening to check, since I don’t want to get pulled in before I get my readings and lessons in. One of the leaders from Trunited posted a video on choices we all have, but only few apply it. It was about our choice of either being defined by a vision of the future or defined by memories of the past. The moment we make a choice to do something different it becomes uncomfortable, you are going to feel unfamiliar and there will be some uncertainty and unpredictably. In September I decided to do something different by changing my lifestyle of eating, than I decided to join MKE to change my thoughts because I was in search of change. I wanted and needed it. Game was on and I was shedding my weight and when people noticed I didn’t revert back to going off my path and gaining back the weight like I always did. Anytime people of the opposite sex showed any interest in me, I would start keeping them at arms length or if my friends noticed I was losing weight I would start putting weight back on. This time I stayed on my path. I can see myself looking awesome and feeling marvelous in my new skin. It seems my body has been conditioned emotionally to be the mind and it seems my body rather live in fear of the unknown and it’s voices are sending me negative thoughts of failure and thoughts of procrastination. I will get to it tomorrow, it can wait. I believe in that thought and it feels right. I was reminded that no its not right, and that’s it’s a familiar thought and that’s all it is. The one thing that I have not been doing is creating a vision of my future with building a successful business for myself. My inner thoughts of you only no how to work in hospital settings and you only know how help people with there health. What do you know about being a team leader and earning money from a home business. I’ve put my feelings, thoughts and emotions into my health but yet have not used this principle with my other part of my life. The part that wants an abundance of love, money, success and good friends.

Grateful to the Universe for guiding me!

Sometimes you need to hear or see something from a different angle to see what’s staring you right in the face and hit you in the head lol, because this has been taught to us in MKE. What would the person I intend to become do next? I intend to start creating a vision of my future of an abundance of love, money, success and friends. I intend to start my morning creating this vision and living in it with feeling and emotions. I intend to believe that I already have what I want and living like I already have it. Grateful, that I have learned, that I can forget this bad day and leave it behind and greet the new sun with change and unlimited potential. I’m not quitting on me!

Thanks for checking out my blog and have a grateful day. Norina

Week 18 MKE My Unknown

Letting go of our old habits

These past 3 weeks my old blueprint of procrastination and feelings of unease of myself came out of nowhere. I was doing so well with my self and proud of it. My positive thoughts have become automatic, because of the small baby steps that we where being taught to us and me practicing what we were taught. Davene told me this quote, we can’t choose the thoughts that pop into our mind, but we can chose the thoughts we entertain. That helped me early on in this course and I no longer allow the negativity to linger, sometimes it tries and than I catch myself and push it away. Procrastination, depression and doubt in myself are my kryptonite, my old blueprint wanting to hold on. I don’t want them to come along anymore and hold me back. I have knowledge and value to share, and if I don’t leave behind my old blueprint not only will I be missing out so will many people who I can enrich. I am so grateful that through these challenging weeks that my thoughts have remained poitive and that it continues to.

2 Big Questions

Mark gave us 2 powerful question. What am I pretending not to know? Am I pretending not to know that I have knowledge in me that is valuable to not only myself but others, am I pretending not to know that there is no reason to believe in myself. The next one is a biggie. What would the person I intend to become do next? I intend to put more effort in this class, I’ve only been giving about 80%, I intend to be better with my sleep patterns. Improving my sleep will not only help me heal quicker but I will also shed more weight easily than I have. I intend to let go of the fear that has been holding me back in my new business and start forging ahead. Showing small businesses and entrepreneurs the value I can offer them. That they can be competitive with the bigger brands and at a fraction of the cost.

Finding Aladdin’s Lamp

Vintage lamp of Aladdin

Mark let’s us know that the lamp is thought and that I need to realize, that I am a dynamic force and I am nature’s greatest miracle. My mind is the thought, I am the genie, the genius. Finding the lamp, what am I pretending not to know? Rubbing the lamp, what would the person I intend to become do next? I’m searching for and learning how to find my authentic self. I am nature’s greatest miracle, now it’s up to me to believe in that!

Authentic Self

When it comes down to it, I need to believe in me. I need to to sell me on me and find my true authentic self. I need to believe I am nature’s greatest miracle! How can I do this by taking steps into the unknown. Applying my knowledge and practicing every day and if I fail, I leave yesterday behind me and wake up to a new day and do it again and each day I do it again and again. Confidence will come with practice and patience. Belief in my self will follow. The universe wants us to have everything we dsire, we are nature’s greatest miracle. Someone once asked me if you had one wish what would it be, this question was asked about 20 years ago. My answer was, that ever wish I ask for come true! My mind is the lamp and I am the genie. I’m so grateful to still be is this # Master Keys class and grateful for Mark, Davene and the guides for there time in bringing this to those of us who want to change for the better.

Thanks for taking time out of your day and reading my blog. Be kind to Mother Nature and bring gratitude into your life, it definitely is a cause. Norina

Molly you are whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy. Mia you are whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy. Aunt Pat you are whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy.

Weeks 17 HJ continues

The price of comfort is denial of authentic self

Coming into the second week of January I was feeling my self struggle with my old familiar self. My old blue print of procrastination was sneaking in. What was going on with me and why was I feeling a little off? I couldn’t place my finger on it. I was putting off my blogs, I knew what I wanted to write for each week, before I knew it I was 3 weeks behind and only week 15 was in my draft section. After not posting in my Master mind I finally went in on Thursday of last week and said that I was struggling and Colleen had responded by saying that she wished that I would have said something sooner. That maybe she could have helped me, and that made me think about my old ways. Since I started MKE we had to set up masterminds and we were put into tribes in Maroc Polo where we were suppose to share our life experiences about Master Key lessons. I was doing that and I was masterminding with my new friends, than after Christmas it started falling off. My tribe seemed to fall off long before that and I myself shared less. But I was liking this new way of sharing, I share more in the major alliance where everyone sees and I enjoy reading and sharing. Why was I putting off writing my weekly blogs, or doing what I was so accustomed to, by keeping my struggles or weakness to myself? Especially when we are all here in the MKE for the same reason to change for the better, to learn how to grow in a more positive way. To search and find what we truley want our burning desires and believe in ourselves, so we can apply the knowledge that we already know and are learning. What the hell was going on with me? I had no thought of quitting, but was the thought in the back of my mind, that I get booted for falling to behind on my blogs? Than it would not be me quitting now would it? When I said I would get to my blog I had every intention, than my sister call and ask if I wanted to go out or go to the store with her and I go. By the time I got home, I have to cook or I was to tired to think about it. Lately I been extremely fatigued to a point of no energy what so ever. I was doing my readings and cards but skipping some sits, it seemed ever time I start my lesson with the sit my new neighbors would decide to fight and I could not concentrate on my sits. Its so frustrating.

3 Doors

We have the power to express ourselves; power is law of thought. MKE has given us the tools, to get in harmony, with the 7 Laws of the mind and doing the exercises. What I learned from the Jan 20th MKE webinar. That what I’ve been struggling with is my old life vs my new, my life I know vs the life of what I want. Lori called it our authentic self of the unknown vs associated memory the known, the life I’m wanting to leave behind. We need to make a choice and we have 3 to pick from. I can either attach my self to the feelings that I been struggling with, of feeling unstable and confused, can’t go back nor go forward. Definitely have been feeling that way and hated the feeling. Return to the known of my old blueprint, the negativity of my self, feeling lost and confused not connected to anyone, no thank you. 3rd choice proceed with the hero’s journey the unknown, finding my true authentic self.  

Slaying my Dragon

Seems I have to slay my dragon within me to let my ego out my I the spirit that is within me, my authentic self. My dragon is holding my ego down. How am I going to do that? With the tools that MKE has given to me and by doing and practicing the exercises, by having the courage to ask for help in our mastermind alliance. I also need to relax and focus more so I can experience insight and harmony. We were told if we relax and concentrate we will see it more. What is it we will see?Vision, imagination, creativity, innovation. Seems all these confusing emotions I was having is a sign of me on the cusp of significant change. I’ve been feeling more at ease since January 22 feeling less stressed. I will say that not once did I want to quit or was negative on my self, I just felt strange and could feel me struggling but just couldn’t put a finger on it.


The action of beginning something, that is my choice! I choose to cross the bridge to the unknown and find my authentic self. I will proceed with the hero’s journey. I’ve seen change in me and I like it and I don’t want to go back to what I’ve known, it no longer serves me. Is it going to be easy, most likely not, but damn it I’m worth it! What am I pretending not to know? Am I pretending not to know I love my self, am I pretending not to know I have greatness in me. Am I pretending not to know how to apply my knowledge. Like Lori said, change takes work, celebrate the Law of Practice and master mind.

Thanks for reading my blog, feel free to comment. Have an awesome life. Be kind to Mother Nature

Molly you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy Mia you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy Clara you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy Roe you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy I am whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy

Week 17 Precursor to the Heroes Journey

17 weeks of forming positive mental habits

For the past 17 weeks the MKE class has been building us up in baby steps. Each week we learned a new lesson, be it a lesson in awareness of seeing shapes around us and connecting them to our personal pivotal needs. Keeping our promise to ourselves to complete a simple chore for the week and write the next Sunday date and if we finished early we would continue to read our chore out loud and celebrate that we accomplished it. We also had to write one written plan of action each that would advance our DMP. Definite major purpose which we needed to search for and feel with emotion what we personally wanted, not what we were told to be or not what our parnter, friends or society wanted but what I, we, who are in this class wanted. I had to change mine, I knew without a doubt that true health was one and it was not just about me shedding my weight, but also about healing my mind and body. Spiritual was my other one but when writing my DMP there was no emotions. I picked that because I had lost my spirit within me, I didn’t understand what spiritual really meant, losing my spirit within me had nothing to do with being a spiritual person. So I looked back to when I was a child and I remembered I wanted to go to Africa to go on a safari, growing up I wanted to travel to see the 7 wonders of the world and other places, I wanted to travel, I wanted the liberty. So now I know what I wanted and when I wrote my DMP I cried. Every week there were building us up to form positive mental habits and teaching how to control our thoughts. That included reading lessons from Hannell, each night for that week we would reread the same lesson and than we would silently sit and do the lesson that Hannell suggested. In our first sit we just had to practice being still and just let our mind wonder easy right, the following weeks lesson we had to control our thoughts, not that easy at all, you should try it, that is hard to do. I find my thoughts still wonder when s in my sits but I now catch my self and bring it back to were it needs to be. One week we had to imagine planting a seed and imagine watering it and seeing the roots grow under the ground and see the first sprout of the flower, and than the next all the way up to full bloom filled with vibrant color. My first attempt I had planted summer lilies but during the sit petunias crowded my mind so now I have a plan in my subconscious of what will be planted this spring, lol. Each week we progressed with our sits and lessons everything from day 1 is carried over into our weeks. We had to form Master minds to form a harmony of like minds. They had us Reading 3 times a day the Scholls of Og Mandino each scroll for 30 days of The Greatest Salesman in the World. These scrolls are postive mental reinforcements and seeing ourselves in a different and unique way. We’re learning to give more, is to receive more and to forgive others who have wronged us no matter how big or small. Without forgiveness we wont have acess to the Devine mind. We’re learned how to substitute a negative thought with a positive with persistent practice, we had to go without giving opinions, I see myself and others are having success as we share our days in the master mind alliance. We are all still praticing each day, it’s amazing how much more aware we are of our selves. We share our short comings and our triumphs and we cheer and support each other no matter how big or small it is. There is always someone aknowledging with a kind word of encouragement, enlightenment or celebratory words. We all live in different parts of the world but we all seek the same thing. We will all find the power within, in our own unique way but together as a group we have formed a harmonious group. We’re being taught how to control our thoughts and be creative thinkers and have learned that thought fused with feeling brings belief in ourselves will set us into action and by us applying our knowledge and practicing it daily will brings us results we want to happen.

Small steps into our next part of the journey

This MKE class is training our minds with small postive reinforcements, they keep letting us know our subconscious doesn’t know size, all it knows what we feed it. We have learned that thought is the law of growth, what we think about grows. I been thinking about positives in my life and taking small steps in the right direction and progressing towards growing a better me and I like it. Is there still a struggle hell yes but that will be my next blog.

Thanks reading my blog, grateful for your time to read it and  always have a great life! Be kind to Mother Nature!
Mia you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy
Molly you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy
Roe you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy
Clara you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy
Aunt Pat you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy
Johnny you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy
I am whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy

Week 16 Kindness it’s contagious

Kindness week

Last week we embarked on a virtue journey, the idea came from Benjamin Franklin who he himself embarked on a year journey of his negative virtues. Each month he would pick a virtue and see the negative in it. Well since we are instilling our selves with positive mental attitude on a daily basis. Mark decided to reverse it so each week we will put a virtue that we need improvement on and search for it in our surroundings. It could be on tv, something you saw or read and what you did as well. We had to mark it with a dot each time we recognized it. The first week I picked persistent and I didn’t notice much it could have been there but I was not that aware of it. I was persistent in my health and drinking my water but I had a hard time seeing it. The second week we all had to look for kindness and we also had to do 2 acts of kindness that no one saw and than we had to comment daily in our alliance master mind and if as group we had 8,000 comments by Saturday Mark was going to go out and give 400 free hugs.

Even the wild beast get it!

Kindness is all around me and I didn’t even notice

It’s crazy before doing this I never realized that picking up liter from my neighbors house or bringing up there bins or holding the door for someone behind me was considered an act of kindness. I just considered it common courtesy. This week opened up my eyes to see it all around me especially in the mastermind alliance. I even watched the last 10 min of world news because in the end they always do a story about something good and positive and its usually a kindness. I enjoyed and appreciated my self more. Especially when I became aware of what I usually do, without even thinking about it are acts of kindness. I loved the looks of surprise on people’s faces when they received the kindnesses from me. This week has also help me remind me not to get bent out of shape for not thanking me with a wave for letting you out on to traffic. I have definitely gotten better since MKE but the kindness week has had a major improvement on that for me. I am now not only looking for my last week’s virtue but I’m still seeing and hearing acts of kindness. It seems I’m cloaked in it and I am now changed for the better. Thanks Mark and Davene I can’t express how grateful I am for helping me bring more awareness in my life that are postive.

P.S we did meet Mark’s challenge and yes he keep his promise and hugged 400 people. Awesome sauce.

 Molly your are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy 
Mia you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy
Clara you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy
Aunt Pat you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy
Roseann you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy
Johnny your are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and
I am whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy

Be kind to Mother Nature

Thanks for reading have an awesome life

Week 15 the old me or a new beginning

9/11/2018 a new beginning of eating for health

These past few months have been an interesting time. I embarked on a path of change that I so much needed and desired. Before MKE found me I knew my health needed to change for the better and I had to shed my weight that I had put on after my mom passed.  I went from cooking for us daily to not cooking at all.  Which meant frozen prepared meals and sandwiches or bagels as a meal because it was easy and my desire to cook just for me was not there.  Let’s face it I was spiraling and my health was also. Forward 4 years later 2018 and still in a lost state of mind, I decided to join a 10 pd take down challenge and paid 47 to join the code red rebel fb group. Grateful to my cousin who jumped started her journey in February and with so much success. From seeing her post about not only her success but many others, my sister and I decided to join. I’m not much on support but the group was a meeting of the minds and there was support and encouragement when either some one was having a hard time because of a loved one not supporting them eating healthier and having junk food in the house, or feeling discouraged because the scale didn’t move in days. A place for recipes or are we allowed to have this, oh my gal of water I’m peeing like crazy. I was in a mastermind and didn’t fully realize it until writing this blog. Connections you don’t see until you ponder on things. The first thing I did was to clear my pantry and freezer of things I couldn’t eat and called my friend to come and get it.

Holidays and there food temptations

The holidays came 2 months after I started my new lifestyle of eating to live not living to eat. So the cravings of sugar where gone and so was a bad habit of eating crap, that was now replaced with a good habit of better food choices and maintaining drinking gal of water daily. I didn’t bake any cookies because I didn’t want any temptations around me, cookies are my kryptonite lol, along with emotional eating not a good combination. Family members who offered food to me the ones I removed from my life and after I declined and explained why, there response  would be oh, have one isn’t  going to kill you it’s the holidays. My  prepared response is always, I don’t think I can ever go back to sugar or I will end up back to my old me.  I no longer have use for that person, that is said privately to me.  I have had that conversation 3 times and they respected my decision on that subject.  Around Thanksgiving I was dog sitting for my brother and the house was littered with junk food like chip’s and bread and other stuff and I did not waver nor did I want to. My body was doing its job of healing, and eating the foods I stopped eating so long ago was making me feel better. So I was on my path of true health and damn if the holidays were going to take me off it.

I was becoming more positive and healthier

Learning and practicing the skills in MKE has helped me stay focused on my eating habits. There is more evolved with true health than just eating. Sleeping has has a big empact on your health as well, and Davane tried to get it in my head, but it wasn’t until I was on a webinar and spoke about it that a bell went off. I was owning my insomnia and have been since I was a young adult. Mark gave me an affirmation and I use it every night and I’m working on better sleep habits. Being and feeling more positive is helping with depression and a brighter outlook as well. True health is a combination of a bunch of different things. I’m applying my knowledge and learning about fasting that will help with cellular healing and gtowing new stem cells and it also ups growth hormone. These important factors slow way down as we grow oder and to learn we can give our bodies more with something that is free like fasting is is a no brainer.l

Listening to my inner quide

Since week 3 of MKE I have not been ignoring my inner thoughts that cross my mind that I actually hear. I’ve been ignoring them the majority of my life, but since I have been listening they been on there mark. So when it said to eat that brownie the one’s I made from scratch to take to my friends and sister’s, So I have a gift for them. I’m still bringing that gift, no matter what it is to everyone I encounter. I split it up half for each, my plan was to go to my sisters than dinner at my friends, well because my neighbors actions made me run late, I skipped my sisters and went to my friends. At first I ignored the thought and didn’t eat it. Went to my friends, at there I didn’t eat any dessert just eat what was acceptable to my new lifestyle and stayed on course. I did do something I haven’t in a while and smoked some marijuna. When I got home again that thought came about eating the brownies lol. Now I had the munchies so latter on that night around 8 pm I went and grabbed 2 small squares of the brownie. Now I made brownies because I’m really not fond of them, I’m more of of a cookie kind of girl, but damn it was really good. You know what, I got stomach cramps and was feeling sick. Next morning no weight gain. Guess what, that damn thought was in my head again, so I ate 2 more squares and that night I finished the last 2. Next morning I gained 4 pounds. I looked at my self in the mirror and said you know what, your not going back to the old way of emotional eating. I was not negative towards myself, I didn’t call me a loser or beat my self up mentally like I normally would have. It was a test. I saw it as a learning lesson and that my mind needed to test me. I feel so much stronger for it. I didn’t lose my focus. I see myself already at my ideal weight and I look awesome and I feel awesome. I learned from this experience. This has helped me be more focused, and strong willed toward my path of true health. I had signed up for a fasting summit that was scheduled for January 14 to start. I have signed up for other health summits that have fell to the waste side but not this time. Everyday my email came and everyday I watched 3 to 4 experts talk and share technics on fasting and how fasting benefits your cellular healing. I have started slowing praticing like they have suggested. I know for a fact that this will be my life for now on. My new and growing postive mental attitude is improving my mental state and boy did I ever need that. Will I experience low days I’m sure, but I’m equipped to better deal with them and not entertain them and drain me like I did before. If I continue to pratice each day as a new one and let go of yesterday, the possibilities are endless. That was also my first time praticing narc as well, I really didn’t have a business and I’m not working. So I used my eating those brownies for 2 days and thowing my new lifestyle in the trash and I hated it. That fortified my path of true health. That day I weighed my self , I came across a u tube video of Abraham Hicks, I found these in middle of 2018 and I was was watching a video I was intended to watch. As I scrolled down as I usually do as I’m listening and this one heading stood out to me so I listened to it next. Abraham was talking paths and that sometimes we get blinded just for a moment but it doesn’t take us off our path, we just had our eyes closed and we see the path is still there, that it didnt go away. How appropriate that sentence was for me, and to come across it when I needed to hear it. I didn’t lose my sight on my true path I just had my eyes closed and my inner thoughts made me see that I can do this. That I am actually applying my knowledge that I read about and learned from the experts. The one’s who don’t believe in the big pharmacy or believe we don’t need to eat 6 times a day to survive. Eating that much is to taxing on our digestive system. The one’s who teach the most important thing about our bodies. Our bodies are built to heal, it’s up to us to feed it and nourish it to allow that to happen.

I grateful that you read my blog. As always have have a great life!
Mia you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy
Molly you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy
Clara you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy
Roe you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy
Aunt Pat you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy