My hectic first Master Key Experience week 1

Hello fellow bloggers, my name is Norina and this is my first blog entry.  I first heard about Master Key experience from an email and it made me curious, so I checked it out.  I liked what I saw so I started the process but I was extremely tired and decided to finish  it the next day. Well the next day turned in to next week because of my lack of focus and because of that I got in on the last night. My procrastination put me a week behind, while everyone all ready had their week of orientation and first week of lessons I was juggling orientation and week 1. My week one was cramming in how to navigate around and watching webinars, listening to audio, getting a blog set up reading the Master Key lessons and also reading scroll 1 of the Greatest Salesman in the World. My task for the week was in 400 words or less was to write my DMP.  What’s that?  Well its my definite major purpose in life and I had to get it submitted by Thursday night. That was definitely a mind block for me but I got in my first draft, while my fellow comrades where working on their there’s for 2 weeks.  I felt like a rat on a wheel spinning around and around and not getting anywhere lol.  I didn’t know about it until I saw my first live webinar Sunday September 30th and I also found out I had to write a blog. Yikes!  I was doing the task we are supposed to do but was feeling confused at times as I was checking out the general discussion area and seeing discussion about seeing blue rectangles and sitting still and practicing sitting still and inhibit all thought as you sit still.  My confusion was built on the  fact that the part of inhibiting all thought while sitting still was not in my work book.  I guess I’ ll figure out what’s amiss next week.

Every day we have to read the Master Key lessons and then practice sitting still in order to have complete control of our body. I wasn’t sure I could do it but by day 3 I accomplished 15 mins and continued that for rest of the week.

Now let’s talk about blue rectangles, which I was not comprehending until I saw a post from a guide and then I had a aha moment!  I than made the connection, blue rectangles when seen connect back to our index cards, that we wrote out on Sunday.  On one of our index cards we had to write out an easy chore that we had to get completed by October 7th and then color in a blue rectangle. On the flip side we had to write out our (PPN) which is our pivotal personal needs. On the other index card we had repeat do it now 25 times twice daily out loud with gusto followed by a blue rectangle . Flip side of that card I wrote what my needs are and then wrote I promise to. On each card it starts with I promise to than on bottom, I always keep my promises Norina Lelii.  Funny thing is I don’t make promises to myself just other people because my promise to you is my word.  I saw my first blue rectangle on Wednesday and I linked it immediately to my chore and task. Awesome.

It’s been an interesting 7 days so far and the week is still not done.  Now that my DMP is submitted and waiting for the guide to revise and the blog is completed I feel less stressed.  Writing always stressed me.  I still have lots of catching up to do.  I did get my chore done that I have been procrastinating about for a month.  I have yet to write my Blue Print builder out so I can read that ever day out loud once a day and I’m sure I’m missing others things. I won’t lie it has been stressful but once I get caught up I will be able to relax more and enjoy the journey and get more organized.  It definitely was a lot to deal with.  I’ve seen in the  general discussion about how everyone is feeling excited but as of now I don’t feel that way, but considering all I had to cram in this week im sure that will change.  Wonder what week 2 will bring.  Happy thoughts!

I appreciate you all and enjoy the rest of your week!

Peace  Norina




4 thoughts on “My hectic first Master Key Experience week 1”

  1. Good start, Norina. We’ve all been through many challenging times in our lives. When we slip or fall, how we handle it determines where we go from there. Just keep doing your best. The excitement you’ll feel as things start coming together will give you more energy and passion to continue with even more enthusiasm. I’ve been through this two years ago, and I never was happy (or even close to happy) with my DMP. Although the course was an awesome life-changer for me, I realized that stating our DMP out loud 3 x daily with lots of emotion, is probably the most valuable single exercise we can do. So many great exercises in this course. Glad you made it in.


    1. Thanks Noel i’ ve been feeling so lost and not having a clue why and it has kept me in fear of even trying to get my grind on for this new business I signed up for. I believe the MKE found me at the time I needed it now.


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