Master Key experience week 4

Practice sitting and controlling my thoughts.

I didn’t realize until this Master Key course how many negative thoughts enter my mind and I let linger.  What surprised me is most I never really considered most were negative, that is until now.  Now when negatives thoughts come into my mind I say to my self oh no, Norina get rid of it, they are stubborn, they try to sneak in all the time but now I’m battling back and practicing positive thoughts instead.  I love that its becoming habit that its automatic.  How awesome is that!  When I’m with others and I hear the negativity from them I notice me trying to change the subject.  Awesome for me!  Each week we were asked to do an exercise of sitting still, the first week was just to practice that daily and we were allowed to have thoughts as we practiced the skill of sitting still.  The next week it progressed to sitting still and blocking all thoughts from your mind. I have control over the sitting and controlling my thoughts, at first blocking thoughts out was short at best but as I practice it’s becoming longer in duration.  Week 3 the exercise expands to relaxing your muscle and nerves, to let go physically as you block your mind from thoughts while sitting still.  This is where I have had problems it has taken me until Thursday to get the relax part down and I want to sit with that before I attempt the week 4 exercise.  I have to mentally let go off all adverse conditions of hate, anger, worry, envy, sorrow or disappointment of every kind.  When I read that I was like no way but with practice and my determination I know I can let go.  I have been controlled by my emotions for to long and it has brought me a lot of discontent in all areas of my life. I look forward to learning mental freedom and using my intellect instead of my emotions.

Manifesting and connecting my (personal pivotal needs) PPN

These past 4 weeks we have been using 4 colored shapes to help us be more alert of our surroundings and to connect our colors and shapes to our (PPN).  Red circle for true health and blue rectangle for liberty, I picked them because I knew I would see them more than the other 2.  I see them every day, every where, all the time and now I’m visualizing.  I visualize my true health without pain what soever and me being happy.  I’m visualizing traveling to Africa and standing on top of Victoria Falls and going on safaris watching the Mama Elephants bathing in the river and taking care of their babies.  How awesome to see change and keeping my promises to myself for once. I’m liking this elevation in myself, can’t wait for next weeks lessons.

Thanks for reading my blog and have an awesome week!  Norina

Please be kind to Mother Nature and don’t Litter!

Be kind it really does make a difference!




5 thoughts on “Master Key experience week 4”

      1. And isn’t it nice, Noreen? You can express all the opinions you want in a blog post, and not be concerned about being… Well, I almost said “reprimanded; yet we both know “the red pencil syndrome” doesn’t care if you’re left or right-handed. So let’s leave it at, I have a hunch it’s probably a welcome relief to get some of that “everything” out there for change. LOL 🙂


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