Week 15 the old me or a new beginning

9/11/2018 a new beginning of eating for health

These past few months have been an interesting time. I embarked on a path of change that I so much needed and desired. Before MKE found me I knew my health needed to change for the better and I had to shed my weight that I had put on after my mom passed.  I went from cooking for us daily to not cooking at all.  Which meant frozen prepared meals and sandwiches or bagels as a meal because it was easy and my desire to cook just for me was not there.  Let’s face it I was spiraling and my health was also. Forward 4 years later 2018 and still in a lost state of mind, I decided to join a 10 pd take down challenge and paid 47 to join the code red rebel fb group. Grateful to my cousin who jumped started her journey in February and with so much success. From seeing her post about not only her success but many others, my sister and I decided to join. I’m not much on support but the group was a meeting of the minds and there was support and encouragement when either some one was having a hard time because of a loved one not supporting them eating healthier and having junk food in the house, or feeling discouraged because the scale didn’t move in days. A place for recipes or are we allowed to have this, oh my gal of water I’m peeing like crazy. I was in a mastermind and didn’t fully realize it until writing this blog. Connections you don’t see until you ponder on things. The first thing I did was to clear my pantry and freezer of things I couldn’t eat and called my friend to come and get it.

Holidays and there food temptations

The holidays came 2 months after I started my new lifestyle of eating to live not living to eat. So the cravings of sugar where gone and so was a bad habit of eating crap, that was now replaced with a good habit of better food choices and maintaining drinking gal of water daily. I didn’t bake any cookies because I didn’t want any temptations around me, cookies are my kryptonite lol, along with emotional eating not a good combination. Family members who offered food to me the ones I removed from my life and after I declined and explained why, there response  would be oh, have one isn’t  going to kill you it’s the holidays. My  prepared response is always, I don’t think I can ever go back to sugar or I will end up back to my old me.  I no longer have use for that person, that is said privately to me.  I have had that conversation 3 times and they respected my decision on that subject.  Around Thanksgiving I was dog sitting for my brother and the house was littered with junk food like chip’s and bread and other stuff and I did not waver nor did I want to. My body was doing its job of healing, and eating the foods I stopped eating so long ago was making me feel better. So I was on my path of true health and damn if the holidays were going to take me off it.

I was becoming more positive and healthier

Learning and practicing the skills in MKE has helped me stay focused on my eating habits. There is more evolved with true health than just eating. Sleeping has has a big empact on your health as well, and Davane tried to get it in my head, but it wasn’t until I was on a webinar and spoke about it that a bell went off. I was owning my insomnia and have been since I was a young adult. Mark gave me an affirmation and I use it every night and I’m working on better sleep habits. Being and feeling more positive is helping with depression and a brighter outlook as well. True health is a combination of a bunch of different things. I’m applying my knowledge and learning about fasting that will help with cellular healing and gtowing new stem cells and it also ups growth hormone. These important factors slow way down as we grow oder and to learn we can give our bodies more with something that is free like fasting is is a no brainer.l

Listening to my inner quide

Since week 3 of MKE I have not been ignoring my inner thoughts that cross my mind that I actually hear. I’ve been ignoring them the majority of my life, but since I have been listening they been on there mark. So when it said to eat that brownie the one’s I made from scratch to take to my friends and sister’s, So I have a gift for them. I’m still bringing that gift, no matter what it is to everyone I encounter. I split it up half for each, my plan was to go to my sisters than dinner at my friends, well because my neighbors actions made me run late, I skipped my sisters and went to my friends. At first I ignored the thought and didn’t eat it. Went to my friends, at there I didn’t eat any dessert just eat what was acceptable to my new lifestyle and stayed on course. I did do something I haven’t in a while and smoked some marijuna. When I got home again that thought came about eating the brownies lol. Now I had the munchies so latter on that night around 8 pm I went and grabbed 2 small squares of the brownie. Now I made brownies because I’m really not fond of them, I’m more of of a cookie kind of girl, but damn it was really good. You know what, I got stomach cramps and was feeling sick. Next morning no weight gain. Guess what, that damn thought was in my head again, so I ate 2 more squares and that night I finished the last 2. Next morning I gained 4 pounds. I looked at my self in the mirror and said you know what, your not going back to the old way of emotional eating. I was not negative towards myself, I didn’t call me a loser or beat my self up mentally like I normally would have. It was a test. I saw it as a learning lesson and that my mind needed to test me. I feel so much stronger for it. I didn’t lose my focus. I see myself already at my ideal weight and I look awesome and I feel awesome. I learned from this experience. This has helped me be more focused, and strong willed toward my path of true health. I had signed up for a fasting summit that was scheduled for January 14 to start. I have signed up for other health summits that have fell to the waste side but not this time. Everyday my email came and everyday I watched 3 to 4 experts talk and share technics on fasting and how fasting benefits your cellular healing. I have started slowing praticing like they have suggested. I know for a fact that this will be my life for now on. My new and growing postive mental attitude is improving my mental state and boy did I ever need that. Will I experience low days I’m sure, but I’m equipped to better deal with them and not entertain them and drain me like I did before. If I continue to pratice each day as a new one and let go of yesterday, the possibilities are endless. That was also my first time praticing narc as well, I really didn’t have a business and I’m not working. So I used my eating those brownies for 2 days and thowing my new lifestyle in the trash and I hated it. That fortified my path of true health. That day I weighed my self , I came across a u tube video of Abraham Hicks, I found these in middle of 2018 and I was was watching a video I was intended to watch. As I scrolled down as I usually do as I’m listening and this one heading stood out to me so I listened to it next. Abraham was talking paths and that sometimes we get blinded just for a moment but it doesn’t take us off our path, we just had our eyes closed and we see the path is still there, that it didnt go away. How appropriate that sentence was for me, and to come across it when I needed to hear it. I didn’t lose my sight on my true path I just had my eyes closed and my inner thoughts made me see that I can do this. That I am actually applying my knowledge that I read about and learned from the experts. The one’s who don’t believe in the big pharmacy or believe we don’t need to eat 6 times a day to survive. Eating that much is to taxing on our digestive system. The one’s who teach the most important thing about our bodies. Our bodies are built to heal, it’s up to us to feed it and nourish it to allow that to happen.

I grateful that you read my blog. As always have have a great life!
Mia you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy
Molly you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy
Clara you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy
Roe you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy
Aunt Pat you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy


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