Weeks 17 HJ continues

The price of comfort is denial of authentic self

Coming into the second week of January I was feeling my self struggle with my old familiar self. My old blue print of procrastination was sneaking in. What was going on with me and why was I feeling a little off? I couldn’t place my finger on it. I was putting off my blogs, I knew what I wanted to write for each week, before I knew it I was 3 weeks behind and only week 15 was in my draft section. After not posting in my Master mind I finally went in on Thursday of last week and said that I was struggling and Colleen had responded by saying that she wished that I would have said something sooner. That maybe she could have helped me, and that made me think about my old ways. Since I started MKE we had to set up masterminds and we were put into tribes in Maroc Polo where we were suppose to share our life experiences about Master Key lessons. I was doing that and I was masterminding with my new friends, than after Christmas it started falling off. My tribe seemed to fall off long before that and I myself shared less. But I was liking this new way of sharing, I share more in the major alliance where everyone sees and I enjoy reading and sharing. Why was I putting off writing my weekly blogs, or doing what I was so accustomed to, by keeping my struggles or weakness to myself? Especially when we are all here in the MKE for the same reason to change for the better, to learn how to grow in a more positive way. To search and find what we truley want our burning desires and believe in ourselves, so we can apply the knowledge that we already know and are learning. What the hell was going on with me? I had no thought of quitting, but was the thought in the back of my mind, that I get booted for falling to behind on my blogs? Than it would not be me quitting now would it? When I said I would get to my blog I had every intention, than my sister call and ask if I wanted to go out or go to the store with her and I go. By the time I got home, I have to cook or I was to tired to think about it. Lately I been extremely fatigued to a point of no energy what so ever. I was doing my readings and cards but skipping some sits, it seemed ever time I start my lesson with the sit my new neighbors would decide to fight and I could not concentrate on my sits. Its so frustrating.

3 Doors

We have the power to express ourselves; power is law of thought. MKE has given us the tools, to get in harmony, with the 7 Laws of the mind and doing the exercises. What I learned from the Jan 20th MKE webinar. That what I’ve been struggling with is my old life vs my new, my life I know vs the life of what I want. Lori called it our authentic self of the unknown vs associated memory the known, the life I’m wanting to leave behind. We need to make a choice and we have 3 to pick from. I can either attach my self to the feelings that I been struggling with, of feeling unstable and confused, can’t go back nor go forward. Definitely have been feeling that way and hated the feeling. Return to the known of my old blueprint, the negativity of my self, feeling lost and confused not connected to anyone, no thank you. 3rd choice proceed with the hero’s journey the unknown, finding my true authentic self.  

Slaying my Dragon

Seems I have to slay my dragon within me to let my ego out my I the spirit that is within me, my authentic self. My dragon is holding my ego down. How am I going to do that? With the tools that MKE has given to me and by doing and practicing the exercises, by having the courage to ask for help in our mastermind alliance. I also need to relax and focus more so I can experience insight and harmony. We were told if we relax and concentrate we will see it more. What is it we will see?Vision, imagination, creativity, innovation. Seems all these confusing emotions I was having is a sign of me on the cusp of significant change. I’ve been feeling more at ease since January 22 feeling less stressed. I will say that not once did I want to quit or was negative on my self, I just felt strange and could feel me struggling but just couldn’t put a finger on it.


The action of beginning something, that is my choice! I choose to cross the bridge to the unknown and find my authentic self. I will proceed with the hero’s journey. I’ve seen change in me and I like it and I don’t want to go back to what I’ve known, it no longer serves me. Is it going to be easy, most likely not, but damn it I’m worth it! What am I pretending not to know? Am I pretending not to know I love my self, am I pretending not to know I have greatness in me. Am I pretending not to know how to apply my knowledge. Like Lori said, change takes work, celebrate the Law of Practice and master mind.

Thanks for reading my blog, feel free to comment. Have an awesome life. Be kind to Mother Nature

Molly you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy Mia you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy Clara you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy Roe you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy I am whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy


Week 17 Precursor to the Heroes Journey

17 weeks of forming positive mental habits

For the past 17 weeks the MKE class has been building us up in baby steps. Each week we learned a new lesson, be it a lesson in awareness of seeing shapes around us and connecting them to our personal pivotal needs. Keeping our promise to ourselves to complete a simple chore for the week and write the next Sunday date and if we finished early we would continue to read our chore out loud and celebrate that we accomplished it. We also had to write one written plan of action each that would advance our DMP. Definite major purpose which we needed to search for and feel with emotion what we personally wanted, not what we were told to be or not what our parnter, friends or society wanted but what I, we, who are in this class wanted. I had to change mine, I knew without a doubt that true health was one and it was not just about me shedding my weight, but also about healing my mind and body. Spiritual was my other one but when writing my DMP there was no emotions. I picked that because I had lost my spirit within me, I didn’t understand what spiritual really meant, losing my spirit within me had nothing to do with being a spiritual person. So I looked back to when I was a child and I remembered I wanted to go to Africa to go on a safari, growing up I wanted to travel to see the 7 wonders of the world and other places, I wanted to travel, I wanted the liberty. So now I know what I wanted and when I wrote my DMP I cried. Every week there were building us up to form positive mental habits and teaching how to control our thoughts. That included reading lessons from Hannell, each night for that week we would reread the same lesson and than we would silently sit and do the lesson that Hannell suggested. In our first sit we just had to practice being still and just let our mind wonder easy right, the following weeks lesson we had to control our thoughts, not that easy at all, you should try it, that is hard to do. I find my thoughts still wonder when s in my sits but I now catch my self and bring it back to were it needs to be. One week we had to imagine planting a seed and imagine watering it and seeing the roots grow under the ground and see the first sprout of the flower, and than the next all the way up to full bloom filled with vibrant color. My first attempt I had planted summer lilies but during the sit petunias crowded my mind so now I have a plan in my subconscious of what will be planted this spring, lol. Each week we progressed with our sits and lessons everything from day 1 is carried over into our weeks. We had to form Master minds to form a harmony of like minds. They had us Reading 3 times a day the Scholls of Og Mandino each scroll for 30 days of The Greatest Salesman in the World. These scrolls are postive mental reinforcements and seeing ourselves in a different and unique way. We’re learning to give more, is to receive more and to forgive others who have wronged us no matter how big or small. Without forgiveness we wont have acess to the Devine mind. We’re learned how to substitute a negative thought with a positive with persistent practice, we had to go without giving opinions, I see myself and others are having success as we share our days in the master mind alliance. We are all still praticing each day, it’s amazing how much more aware we are of our selves. We share our short comings and our triumphs and we cheer and support each other no matter how big or small it is. There is always someone aknowledging with a kind word of encouragement, enlightenment or celebratory words. We all live in different parts of the world but we all seek the same thing. We will all find the power within, in our own unique way but together as a group we have formed a harmonious group. We’re being taught how to control our thoughts and be creative thinkers and have learned that thought fused with feeling brings belief in ourselves will set us into action and by us applying our knowledge and practicing it daily will brings us results we want to happen.

Small steps into our next part of the journey

This MKE class is training our minds with small postive reinforcements, they keep letting us know our subconscious doesn’t know size, all it knows what we feed it. We have learned that thought is the law of growth, what we think about grows. I been thinking about positives in my life and taking small steps in the right direction and progressing towards growing a better me and I like it. Is there still a struggle hell yes but that will be my next blog.

Thanks reading my blog, grateful for your time to read it and  always have a great life! Be kind to Mother Nature!
Mia you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy
Molly you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy
Roe you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy
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I am whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy

Week 15 the old me or a new beginning

9/11/2018 a new beginning of eating for health

These past few months have been an interesting time. I embarked on a path of change that I so much needed and desired. Before MKE found me I knew my health needed to change for the better and I had to shed my weight that I had put on after my mom passed.  I went from cooking for us daily to not cooking at all.  Which meant frozen prepared meals and sandwiches or bagels as a meal because it was easy and my desire to cook just for me was not there.  Let’s face it I was spiraling and my health was also. Forward 4 years later 2018 and still in a lost state of mind, I decided to join a 10 pd take down challenge and paid 47 to join the code red rebel fb group. Grateful to my cousin who jumped started her journey in February and with so much success. From seeing her post about not only her success but many others, my sister and I decided to join. I’m not much on support but the group was a meeting of the minds and there was support and encouragement when either some one was having a hard time because of a loved one not supporting them eating healthier and having junk food in the house, or feeling discouraged because the scale didn’t move in days. A place for recipes or are we allowed to have this, oh my gal of water I’m peeing like crazy. I was in a mastermind and didn’t fully realize it until writing this blog. Connections you don’t see until you ponder on things. The first thing I did was to clear my pantry and freezer of things I couldn’t eat and called my friend to come and get it.

Holidays and there food temptations

The holidays came 2 months after I started my new lifestyle of eating to live not living to eat. So the cravings of sugar where gone and so was a bad habit of eating crap, that was now replaced with a good habit of better food choices and maintaining drinking gal of water daily. I didn’t bake any cookies because I didn’t want any temptations around me, cookies are my kryptonite lol, along with emotional eating not a good combination. Family members who offered food to me the ones I removed from my life and after I declined and explained why, there response  would be oh, have one isn’t  going to kill you it’s the holidays. My  prepared response is always, I don’t think I can ever go back to sugar or I will end up back to my old me.  I no longer have use for that person, that is said privately to me.  I have had that conversation 3 times and they respected my decision on that subject.  Around Thanksgiving I was dog sitting for my brother and the house was littered with junk food like chip’s and bread and other stuff and I did not waver nor did I want to. My body was doing its job of healing, and eating the foods I stopped eating so long ago was making me feel better. So I was on my path of true health and damn if the holidays were going to take me off it.

I was becoming more positive and healthier

Learning and practicing the skills in MKE has helped me stay focused on my eating habits. There is more evolved with true health than just eating. Sleeping has has a big empact on your health as well, and Davane tried to get it in my head, but it wasn’t until I was on a webinar and spoke about it that a bell went off. I was owning my insomnia and have been since I was a young adult. Mark gave me an affirmation and I use it every night and I’m working on better sleep habits. Being and feeling more positive is helping with depression and a brighter outlook as well. True health is a combination of a bunch of different things. I’m applying my knowledge and learning about fasting that will help with cellular healing and gtowing new stem cells and it also ups growth hormone. These important factors slow way down as we grow oder and to learn we can give our bodies more with something that is free like fasting is is a no brainer.l

Listening to my inner quide

Since week 3 of MKE I have not been ignoring my inner thoughts that cross my mind that I actually hear. I’ve been ignoring them the majority of my life, but since I have been listening they been on there mark. So when it said to eat that brownie the one’s I made from scratch to take to my friends and sister’s, So I have a gift for them. I’m still bringing that gift, no matter what it is to everyone I encounter. I split it up half for each, my plan was to go to my sisters than dinner at my friends, well because my neighbors actions made me run late, I skipped my sisters and went to my friends. At first I ignored the thought and didn’t eat it. Went to my friends, at there I didn’t eat any dessert just eat what was acceptable to my new lifestyle and stayed on course. I did do something I haven’t in a while and smoked some marijuna. When I got home again that thought came about eating the brownies lol. Now I had the munchies so latter on that night around 8 pm I went and grabbed 2 small squares of the brownie. Now I made brownies because I’m really not fond of them, I’m more of of a cookie kind of girl, but damn it was really good. You know what, I got stomach cramps and was feeling sick. Next morning no weight gain. Guess what, that damn thought was in my head again, so I ate 2 more squares and that night I finished the last 2. Next morning I gained 4 pounds. I looked at my self in the mirror and said you know what, your not going back to the old way of emotional eating. I was not negative towards myself, I didn’t call me a loser or beat my self up mentally like I normally would have. It was a test. I saw it as a learning lesson and that my mind needed to test me. I feel so much stronger for it. I didn’t lose my focus. I see myself already at my ideal weight and I look awesome and I feel awesome. I learned from this experience. This has helped me be more focused, and strong willed toward my path of true health. I had signed up for a fasting summit that was scheduled for January 14 to start. I have signed up for other health summits that have fell to the waste side but not this time. Everyday my email came and everyday I watched 3 to 4 experts talk and share technics on fasting and how fasting benefits your cellular healing. I have started slowing praticing like they have suggested. I know for a fact that this will be my life for now on. My new and growing postive mental attitude is improving my mental state and boy did I ever need that. Will I experience low days I’m sure, but I’m equipped to better deal with them and not entertain them and drain me like I did before. If I continue to pratice each day as a new one and let go of yesterday, the possibilities are endless. That was also my first time praticing narc as well, I really didn’t have a business and I’m not working. So I used my eating those brownies for 2 days and thowing my new lifestyle in the trash and I hated it. That fortified my path of true health. That day I weighed my self , I came across a u tube video of Abraham Hicks, I found these in middle of 2018 and I was was watching a video I was intended to watch. As I scrolled down as I usually do as I’m listening and this one heading stood out to me so I listened to it next. Abraham was talking paths and that sometimes we get blinded just for a moment but it doesn’t take us off our path, we just had our eyes closed and we see the path is still there, that it didnt go away. How appropriate that sentence was for me, and to come across it when I needed to hear it. I didn’t lose my sight on my true path I just had my eyes closed and my inner thoughts made me see that I can do this. That I am actually applying my knowledge that I read about and learned from the experts. The one’s who don’t believe in the big pharmacy or believe we don’t need to eat 6 times a day to survive. Eating that much is to taxing on our digestive system. The one’s who teach the most important thing about our bodies. Our bodies are built to heal, it’s up to us to feed it and nourish it to allow that to happen.

I grateful that you read my blog. As always have have a great life!
Mia you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy
Molly you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy
Clara you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy
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MKE WEEK 14 Persistent and Patience

This week we where asked to watch a movie and connect the 4 things that we have been working on since we started MKE. The movie I watched was Door to Door based on a true story. I didn’t pick this movie it picked me, it was the only one that was available at my public library.

Patience and Persistence

The story begins in the year 1955, it’s not just a story about Bill Porter who was born with cerebral palsy and wanted to be a salesman like his father. It’s a story about Desire, and what it takes. Bill Porter’s definite major purpose in life was to be a great salesman like his father. When he started out he did not have a plan of action, or a master mind alliance. Bill just wanted to be like his dad, had no idea how that was going to happen, but he did have patience and persistence and a positive mental attitude. That was embedded in him by his mother every chance she could. She instilled in him the belief , that he could do anything he wanted no matter the obstacles that presented him every day. He could not drive, nor could he tie his own shoes or his neck tie, he could not use his fingers to manipulate the buttons on his dress shirts and he walked hunched over. His mother had to do those things for him, little things we take for granted everyday. When he decided he wanted to go to work and be a salesman she didn’t discourage Bill, she just asked, are you sure, and that was that.  He went to a number of agencies looking for a job and they took one look at him, prejudged him, and his speech and no matter what he said to convince them to hire him, he faced rejection. Finally one day even after he was turned down yet again, he went outside to where his mom was waiting for him in the car and gave another dejected sigh of the body, but this time he picked his head up turned back around and marched back in to the manager’s office and demand he be given the worst route that no one wants and give him a chance to prove himself. Well he was given that chance and the next day he started that route.

Bill was dropped off on his route by his mom and his day begun, met with resistance and slammed doors in his face he continued on throughout the morning.  Bill took a break for lunch on the bench he came across, and took out the sandwich his mom made him and she wrote on one side patience and the other persistence and a laughter came out of him and a determination to continue on and you know what he finally got a sale. It was not a big sale he only made $12.00  but he finished his day with a sale a win and a positive mental attitude.  Bill’s next day as he was picking up the items his first customer bought was meet with resistance from his boss who said he was fired, talk about losing the wind to your sails.  Bill scared one of the kids when he knocked on the door the day before, his boss couldn’t have that.  Bill persisted that his boss give him another chance until the end of the week and his boss did.   Bill went to that kids house with puppet in hand and took the time to make the kid laugh, and the mom saw his effort and invited him into her home.  Bill came to realize that listening and observing served his customers bettor and that by offering them value he would be a better salesman.  Bill had a written plan of action now and he used that along with his patience, persistence and positive mental attitude and his desire to be a great salesman like his dad.  Bill did not lose his job that week he forged on.

Tragedy entered Bill’s life with his mom having Alzheimer and him not being able to take care of her.  She was put in to the care of some caretaker and not living with Bill any more. Bill would take the bus to a hotel and have the bus boy do his buttons and tie and shoe shiner buff and tie his shoes every morning. Every morning he tell them a joke or story and slip a buck in there pocket than off to the office to pick up his orders to deliver them to his customers.  Bill is not only inducing others to serve him but he started a master mind alliance.  Bill’s mom passed and Bill’s body was breaking down because he was doing his on deliveries by the way of a bus mind you.  Lets not forget he has cerebral palsy, you forget that while your engaged in this movie but his body could no longer take the beating.  Bill needed to add to his mastermind alliance he needed a driver.  Bill now had 3 people in his mastermind alliances all with specialized knowledge.  Bill found in others to help him in what he could not do for him self.

Bill had a definite major purpose in life to be a salesman, his mom instilled in him, patience, persistence and a positive mental attitude.  He came up with a plan, applied his knowledge put it into practice every day with his burning desire. Bill Porter put thought with feeling and believed. He gave his time of himself to his customers who he built relationships with through the years, and they gave back to him in kind. He was living a happy, harmonious life. What ever we think about grows. What we forget atrophies. Bill thought about what he desired, practiced persistenly, applied the knowledge, and lived his life like he wasn’t born with cerebral palsy. Bill, never allowed that to be a factor in his life, never used that as a crutch for a bad day or to give up and it atrophied. Even I forgot about it as I was watching the story. He definitely lived a new sun every day. I think I will use Bill Porter as my Bear hug kettle.

Molly you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy

Mia you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy

Thanks for reading Norina

MKE Week 12 Knowledge of Power

Our thoughts have unlimited power we just need to find that power within us. 

Where did I disapear to?

What happened to the girl who had no fear, who was always the one to step forward first, with the courage of a lion willing to try new and exciting things.  Who showed no fear.  It wasn’t that I was not afraid I felt the fear, my heart pumping or my stomach quivering but that didn’t stop me I went ahead and did it anyway.  When did I lose you at what age did you disapear.  I think it was in my forties, after my accident when pain and suffering took over my mind, body and spirit.  That’s why I’m here taking this MKE class, to change me for the better, I love change its good for us as humans to want to be better and continue to strive and be better than who we are.  It’s like my life stopped, I lost 14 years lost in my pain and depression not taking care of me like I should have, someone else needed me more and I have no regrets putting my mom someone I loved before my health, she deserved that and more.  I just wished I was in a better frame of state and mind.  That is my past and I can’t do anything about it,  but I can forgive my self and finally let it go, I can start loving myself.  Im seeing a brighter me.  I did an exercise for 50 minutes of me looking in the mirror, reading a billboard sentence of my DMP that we had to write a week prior before we knew about the exercise.  I put on pandora and sang to the rhythm of the songs and I started to feel a shift and I was laughing ,smiling grooving and moving and having a good time with it.  I did do something different for about 5 mins as time was winding down.  I looked in the mirror instead of saying, I am perfect health, I feel wonderful, I look marvelous, I’m traveling around the world and I’m earning 25k a month and it allows me to help others to learn how to be financially free like me.  I said your are perfect health, etc… I made me in the mirror my future self and I saw me and I liked it.  I’m so grateful for having an open mind it’s been my companion all my life that I’m sure of.   I’m striving to find my power of knowledge  and I’m  learning through progression of forming good habits, practicing positive mental attitude,  finding my true definite purpose.  When I look back I realized that one of them, liberty has always been a part of me since I was a kid but I lost track of what I wanted.  My true health is something that I need and I’m concentrating on that aspect  more than the liberty because without that I won’t be able to enjoy my freedom to travel.  No more going backwards I must continue to push forward.  Hannell emphasizes that there is a 3 step plan of thought and that each one is absolutely essential.  We must first have the knowledge of our power, I’m working on that, second, the courage to dare, if I had it in me before, its still there I just have to fish it out, but once I acknowledge my power I’m positive it will flow out of me again and third, the faith to do.  I have that in me other wise I still wouldn’t be here in this class.       

Magnify youir positive thoughts daily
I must remain focused 

I know I need to control my thoughts better in my sits.  I understand what Hannell is saying about absolute silence and only than will I come in contact with Divinity it self.  I must continue to practice to get in touch with this power that’s within me.  I need to practice concentration of one thought and not allow my thought to wonder off in a different direction. I need to keep that clear mental picture of what I desire.

Law of Attraction 

Thought empowered with love becomes vibration and that law of love is the creative force behind all manifestation.  MKE is giving us the tools and knowledge but it is left to us to apply them.  Knowledge will not apply it self we must do the work, pratice, love, think, control our thoughts, be persistent, be grateful, stay positive and focused on our future self, our desires and  find the knowledge and tap into that unlimited power that is available to all of us if we desire it.

Peace Norina

Molly your are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious healthy and happy 

Mia you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious healthy and happy 

Be kind to Mother Nature 

Abundance is the natural law of the universe week 10 MKE

That there is an abundance for everyone is evident,  but that many fail to participate in this abundance is also evident; they have not yet come into a realization of the University of all substance, and that mind is the active principal whereby we are related to the things we desire.

There where times in my life that the natural law of abundance has happened in my life.  The first time where my thoughts of returning back to college, and going for me and not my mom.  My desire was to get an associate degree and get all my so called bs classes out of the way,  you know the classes that really don’t help in your career choice, but lined the pockets of the school and they say the reason behind those classes are to make you a well rounded person.  BS degree really stands for bull shit, lol, because having 2 years in doing clinical or internships would be better suited,  but why take the money away from the educational institutions.  Another day another story, back to me lol.  Well I thought, get my associate degree get a job and have them pay tuition for the next 2 years.  So I set in motion exactly that, to save money I choose a community college, into my 3rd semester I took one of my math classes and math is my kryptonite and on day one I was already lost,  because I’ve had not had math in over 15 years and my class consisted of students just out of high school.   So I dropped that class and took biology instead which was a prerequisite for transferring for nursing and I didn’t want my GPA  going down.   I was maintaining a high B.  I also had to take chemistry for my prerequisites which I was stressing about, so I decided to ask around and getting feedback from students  which teacher to take if you struggle with chemistry, but if you put in the effort and try they would pass you with a C.   So that was my plan and next semester that’s what I did and I ended up with a C.  That didn’t solve what was standing in my way,  my kryptonite.  I even considered paying someone to take those courses for me,  but that never would have sat right with me.  So I put the  math classes off for a while.  I took a personal development class for careers as a an elective and I new it would be a stress less class and  I was already in 4 with labs.  We had to do research in our career center and as I was researching I came across the degree in applied sciences that had no math, but if I did that, it meant another semester but it was a no brainer I was actually enjoying the science classes, that is except Chem lol.  I graduated with honors, even made the Deans list twice.  I had an idea,  I thought of a plan it took root, I had to become creative to solve my obstacle of my kryptonite, I guess by staying in harmony with the creative Principal of Nature and not cheating, I stayed in harmony,and I formed a circuit.  My thoughts remained constructive and positive and I stayed in harmony by not  bringing about negativity of cheating and instead got creative.  This can work  it has happened  a couple times but I never stayed in it being ignorant of the laws of the mind and not knowing about abundance. 

Hannel 10.21 Constructed thought must necessarily be creative,  but creative thought must be harmonious, and this eliminates all destructive or competitive thought.

Than why did this not always happen

Ignorance is a bring reason you can’t pratice what you don’t know.  The other is my fault by allowing other people who have hurt me in my past.  I allowed that to eventually close my heart, stop expecting from others, allowing depression to take a hold of me.   I grew up with abandoment issues and held on to those feelings.  Things were manifesting but I was manifesting what I didn’t want to have in my life by having feelings and  and thoughts about my past wrongs and not forgiving and letting go of what happened.  I’m leaning in this class unless I can forgive, let go of my my past, it happened I can’t change it, staying in a postive, harmonious  loving, give more, be the observer, give service to others, create an idea give it thought and if its in harmony with the creative Principals of Nature and it is in tune with the Infinite mind,  It will be polarized forming a circuit. It will bring me to me what I give to others. I believe in that.  My life has been mostly the opposite of this polarization never forming that circuit and  manifesting negative results in my life.  I’m leaning that writing down a plan, having  positive, creative, harmonious thoughts with feeling and visualizing it all and by giving more, that it will eventually come back to me ten fold.

What I need to do now

Staying focused daily 

I need to write down my ideas, write a plan on how to accomplish it and maintain creative positive harmonious thoughts.  I must continue to pratice the 7 Laws, practice visualization, continue to pratice being an observer and not offering opinions and not allowing my negative thoughts to linger in me like my pasts, I’m doing affirmations that I’ve never have do before but I need to add more gusto to that and more feeling.  I’m a work in progress but I’m seeing changes already that I believe will bring me to a world within.

Thanks for reading peace Norina

Be kind to Mother Nature 

Our thoughts Are Governed by Law Week 8 of MKE

If I Only Knew

8.2 As the purpose of life is growth, all principals underlying existence must contribute to give it effect.  thought, therefore, takes form and the law of growth eventually brings it into manifestation.

This quote takes me back to 2005 when I decided to go back to school to become a nurse once again to increase my salary.  I was basically doing the job of an LPN, and not receiving what I should have been in salary for my work, and yes I did ask numerous times for a pay hike, I guess I just didn’t ask how much I wanted and the result was always limited.  Goals set, and back in school part time doing my sciences all over again,  my mind set on completion and I was enjoying my science classes,  but in the process a another thought I had was that I really never wanted to be a nurse which was probably why I never pursued nursing after I completed my associate degree in 93.  Jan 2008 one class away from submitting to nursing schools,  I was rear ended and because of the way my body was position that accident opened up a can of worms for me.  I had congenital back problems I never knew I had, until this incident brought it to the fore front,  along with herniated disc from my neck down to lumbar and chronic inflammation,  nerve pain and  so many other issues as a result.  I tried working through the chronic daily pain but in the end my mind decided I needed a break and the employer’s nurse told me to go home and heal.  I tried to return after 4 months but I only lasted a week and went on extended medical leave that lasted for a year.  Lost my position and no one in the hospital would take a chance on me.  I lost 11 years there a cumulation of 6 weeks of vacation, sick leave and my pension.  The pain and not getting any sleep, stress and depression where my daily thoughts.  My aspirations of becoming  a nurse where done.  They weren’t my aspirations now where they?  I realized that in week 2 that my subconscious mind knew my desire not to be a nurse and it apparently decided to make something happen, to take me off my course.  The Law Of Subconscious accepted the demand of me not wanting to be a nurse and took drastic measures of putting that accident in my life to take me off the course of becoming a nurse, because of my stubborn ego,  I was determined to be what I really didn’t want to be.  I truly believe that.  I’m not telling you about my chronic pain that I had for the past 10 years so you can feel sorry for me.  I don’t need your sympathy, I’m a survivor always have been, I’m just sharing what I learned this week that would have prevented years of pain.  Dwelling on my pain, those thoughts took form and contributed to my chronic pain all those years. 

If I only knew about the Law of Growth back than.  What ever we think grows.  What we forget atrophies.  I was manifesting my pain with my daily thoughts of it.  Since taking this MKE class were being taught these 7 laws learning one each week and linking them together in our life with practice,  practice makes perfect another law of the mind.  Thanks to Davene one of our mentors, teacher and one of the creator of the MKE , she suggested to a fellow tribe member Rob, who had mentioned he has pain in his shoulder from a surgery, and it really bothers him when he does his sits.  Davene suggestion was, when he was in a sit to tell his mind to release the pain away.  Well I decided to run with that for myself, and it has been helping me Immensely.  I was having a problem relaxing and now that issue is gone as well. 

8.3 You may freely chose what you think, but the result of your thought is governed by an immutable law.  Any line of thought persisted in cannot fail to produce its result in the character, health and circumstances of the individual.  Methods where by we can substitute habits of constructive thinking for those which we have found produce only undesirable effects are therefore of primary importance.

 Now That I know

Now that I know about the 7 laws of the Mind I intend to use them daily.  I will choose to feed my mind positive thoughts and be persistent in my quest for true health. I will imagine every day that I am my ideal weight and I wake up every morning with out pain.  I will imagine my hair growing back and feel ecstatic that it is, I will see my self confidently talking to people about my new business venture and showing them how much it will benefit there business or there life.  I will imagine my self traveling around the world and immersing  my self in different cultures and building new friendships because that is what I truly want. With the Practice of the Law of Subconscious, Dual Thought, Law of Growth I believe these thoughts will manifest for me.  My needs are true health and  liberty to travel to my hearts content. The Law of relaxation will prepare my mind for these thoughts and the Law of substitution will keep me on track to live in a positive state of mind. 

In Conclusion 

Magnify youir positive thoughts daily
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I know this to be hard but living the way I have, looking at it now was definitely harder.  I choose this new way of thinking,  I practice every day to achieve it.  I know there will be days that I fail,  but I let that failure be a lesson and learn from it and live a better day after that.  Law of the Subconscious: as soon as the subconscious accepts the idea it becomes a demand and it works constantly,  24/7,  to manifest demand, accessing a reservoir of infinite resources.  Well I’m thirsty for that to happen.  I have work to do.

Peace Norina

Be kind to Mother Nature,  she’s always watching!