Master Key Experience Week 7 – How True Love Became a Part of Me

This spoke to my heart and shows the courage of a young women and the strength of leader to show her raw truth to help others who are struggling.  We can all learn from this, I know I have. thank you Constance

Burgess - Pathway to Success

True Love

I Love Scroll II’s emphasis on loving, yet I know it’s not as simple as making a decision to love that will bring about the reality of it.

I have a feeling that some of you may be struggling with emotions that are warring against your ability to love fully and unconditionally:  anger, bitterness, jealousy, fear, low self-esteem, unforgiveness and hatred for example.  These emotions took root in us because of things we’ve suffered in the past and we can try to bury these emotions beneath a pretense of love, or we can do the real work of getting free.  After all, some of us have a personal, pivotal need for LIBERTY and that liberty, or freedom, will never be realized in the “world within” if negative emotions lay beneath the façade of love.

I’m going to get very personal with you in the hopes that my testimony will help…

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7 Day Mental Diet? Week 7 MKE

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7 days continuously without negative thoughts; for real

Attempting to go about my daily day without negative thoughts has brought about an awareness in me that I did not realize.  WOW!  Damn!  I didn’t realize how much negativity I spew out.  I’m lucky to have made an hour and that’s usually if I’m at home lol and it’s just me.  If a negative thought lingers for more than 7 sec I have to restart and start all over again.  I didn’t realize that being frustrated from standing in a short line  and it was taking longer than it should, my opinion, because the clerk is slow, or being cut off while driving, calling the driver a jerk where negative, it just seemed such a normal response.  I didn’t realize frustration was negativity.  Let me tell you I was so disappointed in my self to realize I was more negative than I thought.  I did not get a chance to watch this Sundays webinar and I just watched it, before I wrote this blog.  Mark J. told us it’s not our fault it’s a 100 years of heredity that we are predisposition to think negatively.  Hope it doesn’t take me 100 years to go 7 days without a negative thought,  lol.  To be honest I didn’t start the diet until Thursday after I read Emmet Fox 7 day Diet on Tuesday he instructed to try it when you are ready, so I started it Thursday.  Was I ready to find out how much negativity there is all around me and by me?   The negativity around me didn’t surprise me, being so negative myself did.  So now that the cat is out of the bag and to be honest this week I’ve been living the sin of the desert, which means I’ve been not giving my full effort this week.  Its times to dig in and be the best positive person that I  can be, by practicing the law of substitution more than I have been with the 7 day mental diet.

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I want to be able to look in the mirror every night and ask Norina, if she did her best today?  And with enthusiasm say yes, “yes I frigging did Norina”!  I will practice, practice, practice to accomplish 7 consecutive days of no negative thoughts or opinions, verbally or mentally!   I always keep my promises Norina Lelii

Today I begin a new life

I will greet this day with love in my heart.  This is the second week on The Greatest Salesman in the World Scroll II and we had to carry over 1 sentence from Scroll I and place on top of scroll II. Today I begin a new life is my sentence. I was going to use another sentence but on the last day of the read, I chose this instead and I had not read what the first line in scroll II was yet until after I wrote that.   My heart has not been open to love for quite some time now, and I’ve been saying to my self that its time to open it again, so it seems appropriate that I’ve changed my mind and used that line, instead of I swallow the seed of success.  Today I begin a new life, I will greet this day with love in my heart.  I’m ready for my journey of love and I’m ready to give more of it once again.

Peace to all Norina

Be kind to yourself and others and don’t forget give more 

Be kind to Mother Nature


Master Keys Week 6 Awareness, Focus and Pratice

Practice makes perfect

Week 6 finds me a little off my game, physically and mentally.  Monday had me thinking of quitting just for a brief moment but I used one of the 7 Laws of the Mind.  The Law of Dual Thought and immediately thought out loud and said,” Norina Lelii you are not giving up on yourself get that thought out of your head.” and bam it was gone!  Hasn’t been back since.  Also in the same day as I was putting the dishes away a though crossed my mind, “do a sit” so I put down what I was doing and did a sit, I actually listened  to myself for a change.  The first thing that popped in to my thoughts was an opportunity that was brought to me and I’m not sure if I want to go that route and I even imagined getting my family together to it, but I think I need another sit on it.   I’ve been practicing bringing  all 7 Laws of  the Mind in to my life. Some are conscious efforts like the Law of Substitution when a negative thoughts enter your mind you try to think of something pleasant instead it seems to be happening naturally. I’m not perfect but is a great start and I’m proud of that.  I’m definitely noticing that I’m more relaxed and less stressed. Not all the time but I’m definitely improving on it.  Since I’m practicing I’ve got that covered even when I don’t realize that I am doing it.  I’m manifesting and linking with my shapes and doing my lessons and sits so I can see my self growing.  I’m even sitting with Law of Forgiveness and I believe in time that I will eventually be able to forgive all.  This week started off if it could go wrong it did.  With me I swear it’s a full moon thing.  Little things where happening and then I fell off a ladder but on the  positive side to that was, if my car was not parked in the garage area, one I would have broken my screen door and two I could have done more damage to an old beat up back.  In stead I got banked up but I stood up and bounced off the car instead of falling backwards and smashing my head. I took care of myself didn’t go for any pharmacy drugs and used CBD oil instead.  If I wasn’t on a new healthy lifestyle I would be in more pain and my recovery would take longer.  So I’m grateful for that.  I’m grateful in that I can see myself getting healthy not just my weight, every sit before I start my lesson I ask my mind to relax and release the pain, per Davene suggestions.

Power of thought

Lesson 6.21 Hannel says, ” So with the power of thought; let power be dissipated by scattering the thought from one object to another, and no result is apparent; but focus this power through attention or concentration on any single purpose for any length of time and nothing becomes impossible.  This is where I’m having a hardship in that I can’t see where I want my future to be I’m having a hard time focusing on the happiness I desire, I wonder if it’s because when at times when I felt truly happy it was short-lived.  I have a beginning of what I want to happen and with whom but then I lose focus and my mind wonders and im at the beginning again.  Have to sit on this block and push through it.


The week 6 sit exercise was to look at a picture for at least 10 mins and try to capture that image in your mind with a mental image of the picture. Before I did the sit Hannel suggested pick a single object and concentrate our attention on a definite purpose for 10 minutes, he said you cannot do it, that your mind would wander a dozen times and you would have to keep bringing your thought back to the original purpose.  Haha of course he was right.  Lol.  I had no problem capturing a mental picture and when I wasn’t sitting I was able to capture a mental picture of a coworker who I have not seen in over 25 years.  I don’t know why  she popped in to my mind but it was crazy how I could see the color of her shirt the expressions she would make with her eyes and that big smile she had.  I could even see the color lipstick she was wearing. It was a bizarre occurrence.  I’m sure there will be a link somewhere in the future.

In conclusion I know I have a lot of work to do on my self, it’s not going to happen over night and that’s ok with me. Look how long it took me to get this point, not over night! What matters is that I’m learning, I’m living, I’m growing and I’m not lonely in this quest for a new way of life.  Even though we live all around the world we all have one thing in common, we want change.  MKE found us for a reason.  We are all damaged, in some form or another, we all handle it in different ways, we all want the same thing to chip away at our cement and anytime we find that link or push though that mental block of fear more pieces fall to our feet and glimmers of gold squeak out. We want to have faith and believe that we will find what we truly desire and treat it with the respect and love that we deserve.  We all want our Gold to shine through not just glimmers of it.

Bedtime Ritual

I looked in the mirror after I read the poem I can honestly say I’m at 85 to 90% of what I’m doing but I’m getting better I’m still here trying.  I looked in the mirror and repeated I love myself.   I can’t wait until I feel the power of those words.

Love to all and believing in all of us finding our Golden Buddha’s

Peace and blessings Norina

Be kind to Mother Nature 😊

Week 5 Master Key Praticing Letting Go

Practicing cleaning of my mind of past hurts, betrayals, and negativity 

I’ve been reading Master Keys lesson week 5 since Monday and it wasn’t until Thursday evening when I finished reading Emerson essay on Compensation that it hit me. Until I let go of my past traumas and forgive those who took away my childhood innocence that the change and growth I seek will continue as they are static.  If I forgive them than I can forgive me, 2 halves of a whole. It seems by just trying to forget and not working through it and letting go has not worked in my life.  This year beginning in January flashbacks that I have pushed back have come to the forefront and ones that have not come in years also want their way out. I’ve never spoken of this, it’s been my experience alone for 49 years and I know now, that until I release these negative thoughts from my mind and put the past behind me, that I will not be able to control my mind and find that power withen.  In Emerson’s essay this is where I had my aha moment.  “Nothing can work me damage except myself; the harm that I sustain I carry about with me, and never am a real sufferer but by my own fault.”  After I read the essay I proceeded with the daily reading of Hannel and when I got to 5.12 mental, moral and physical cleanliness are absolutely indispensable if we are to make progress of any kind.  That connection between the two for me, made me more aware of what I need to do.  Until I clean my mind of all my circumstances in my past, that I will never be able to bring my desire to realization.  I might have the keys in hand but I won’t be able to be heir and take possession of the fine abundant estate that is waiting for me.  My mind and spirit will only be half of each other and not the whole it needs to be.

I think a chip has fallen off my Buddha

In conclusion I know what I need to do and after reading 7 Laws of the Mind,  I must continue to practice cleaning my mind, sitting still and stop the negativity from entering my thoughts and if they do replace them with a pleasant happy thought.  I must forgive everyone and anyone who has caused me harm or injustice.  Until I do, I will not grow I will not have access to the Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresence Creator.  I know this is a process, it’s one that I will continue.  I’m so glad Master Keys found me and I have the belief and faith that I will conquer my demons with practice.  I will gain control of my thoughts and take possession of that estate and have an abundance of heath and liberty.  Thanks to the Creator who blessed me with an open mind for that has been constant in my life always.   I always keep my promises Norina Lelii

It’s amazing how all these readings link together and everyone sees what they need to to start the crumbling of the cement. I look forward to reading other blogs on week 5

PEACE Norina


Be kind to Mother Nature

Show a little kindness to everyone you meet! 


Master Key experience week 4

Practice sitting and controlling my thoughts.

I didn’t realize until this Master Key course how many negative thoughts enter my mind and I let linger.  What surprised me is most I never really considered most were negative, that is until now.  Now when negatives thoughts come into my mind I say to my self oh no, Norina get rid of it, they are stubborn, they try to sneak in all the time but now I’m battling back and practicing positive thoughts instead.  I love that its becoming habit that its automatic.  How awesome is that!  When I’m with others and I hear the negativity from them I notice me trying to change the subject.  Awesome for me!  Each week we were asked to do an exercise of sitting still, the first week was just to practice that daily and we were allowed to have thoughts as we practiced the skill of sitting still.  The next week it progressed to sitting still and blocking all thoughts from your mind. I have control over the sitting and controlling my thoughts, at first blocking thoughts out was short at best but as I practice it’s becoming longer in duration.  Week 3 the exercise expands to relaxing your muscle and nerves, to let go physically as you block your mind from thoughts while sitting still.  This is where I have had problems it has taken me until Thursday to get the relax part down and I want to sit with that before I attempt the week 4 exercise.  I have to mentally let go off all adverse conditions of hate, anger, worry, envy, sorrow or disappointment of every kind.  When I read that I was like no way but with practice and my determination I know I can let go.  I have been controlled by my emotions for to long and it has brought me a lot of discontent in all areas of my life. I look forward to learning mental freedom and using my intellect instead of my emotions.

Manifesting and connecting my (personal pivotal needs) PPN

These past 4 weeks we have been using 4 colored shapes to help us be more alert of our surroundings and to connect our colors and shapes to our (PPN).  Red circle for true health and blue rectangle for liberty, I picked them because I knew I would see them more than the other 2.  I see them every day, every where, all the time and now I’m visualizing.  I visualize my true health without pain what soever and me being happy.  I’m visualizing traveling to Africa and standing on top of Victoria Falls and going on safaris watching the Mama Elephants bathing in the river and taking care of their babies.  How awesome to see change and keeping my promises to myself for once. I’m liking this elevation in myself, can’t wait for next weeks lessons.

Thanks for reading my blog and have an awesome week!  Norina

Please be kind to Mother Nature and don’t Litter!

Be kind it really does make a difference!



Masterkey Experience Lessons 2-3 Week 3

Lesson 2 Our difficulties are largely due to confused ideas and ignorance of our true interest. 

That statement by Haanel, could not be any more truer in my life.  I was a medical assistant working in a OB/GYN practice and I was underpaid, over worked, stressed unappreciated and getting frustrated. Decided in 2003 to return back to school since I had an associate degree in science half the battle was done, right?  Nope, my sciences were not transferable because 5 yrs lapsed. No worries money wasn’t an issue work was paying for it, so I began with all my Science courses, I had no social life but It was a small sacrifice to pay.  Here is the kicker, I never wanted to be a nurse, yes I loved my patients at work. I enjoy helping people always did, that’s what I did best but Nursing was not it for me no desire what so ever. Better money and appreciation from my bosses is what I wanted. (Ego). My patients appreciated me, I knew that, they always told me and thanked me for caring about their welfare they where the reason I stayed. January 2008 one class away from applying to Nursing schools.  Bam!  I’m struck from behind while I was trying to merge on a highway without a merging lane. That put me on a path of chronic pain. See I was telling my conscious mind that I didn’t want to be a nurse, had no desire for it and given a false impression to my subconscious mind.  My subconscious knew my objective to be false and put in to action to take me off my wrong path.  After years I realized that accident happened for a reason but it wasn’t until Master Keys lesson 2 that it showed me it was because my conscious mind was out of harmony with my subconscious mind.  It brought it all together for me.

2.17  Haanel wrote, receiving any suggestions as true, the subconscious mind at once proceeds to act there on in the whole domain of its tremendous field of work.  The conscious mind can suggest either truth or error.  If the latter, it is at the cost of wide – reaching peril to the whole being.

Wow! My ego and misalignment of my harmony cost me 10 years of chronic pain and depression. Never again will I force my conscious mind to do what I don’t want. From here on out I will tell my conscious mind what I want my objective to be and bring my subconscious the truth and find my power within.

Our exercise in lesson 2 was to be perfectly still and inhibit thought. The purpose is to give you control over all thoughts of care, worry, fear and will enable you to entertain only the kind of thoughts you desire. At first try it didn’t take long for the thoughts to rush in tried 3 more times and finally with the help of an image of a brick wall and a message written on it, no thoughts allowed it helped me get to a little over a minute f no thoughts.  Last week I was practicing shoving away negative thoughts from my mind but this week when the negative thoughts would sneak in they were replaced with what I wanted instead.

Lesson 3

3.17 Haanel says, it is our attitude of mind toward life which determines the experience with which we are to meet; if we expect nothing, we shall have nothing; if we demand much, we shall receive the greater portion.

Now I know why loyalty was never returned to me, and I always would question why, when I have  always been loyal to my friends.  Growing up I quest I was tired of being disappointed  that I decided to never expect anything from anyone. That way I would never be disappointed by anyone. Damn that explains a lot!  Seems like I ended up disappointing my self all these years.  No crying over spilt milk. I’m here to move forward.

These past 2 weeks I have been putting in to practice of putting my self in the present, not complaining about things as they are and controlling my negative thoughts.  Learning to understand that my thoughts and  feelings that I put out in to the Universe are what come back to me and seeing that my attitude, negativity, fear, judgements is why I been feeling so lost and disconnected from people and life. I’ve been wanting to change I just didn’t know how. Now I do! It’s true what they say power is knowledge!

I’m moving forward and even though I’m discovery I’ve been sabotaging myself I’m not mad or angry with myself.  I’m just glad I’m learning a new way and I’m starting to live a new life.  I’m also glad that I am an open minded individual and I like to think outside the box.

I always keep my promises!

Thanks for reading my blog and have an awesome week!  Peace Norina

Please be kind to one another it’s not hard to open a door for some one or tell some one they have a nice smile.  Being kind has no boundaries!

My week 2 with Master Key experience

My week 2 is really my week one and what a week it has been. Trying to get orientation and week 1 lessons in was fun and got my blood boiling.  I read my scroll out loud, ever night, I read it in silence to start my day and  I read it after dinner because I skip lunch.  I didn’t get the blue rectangle reference until Wednesday when I saw a post in the general discussion area.   Now that I knew what the connection was.  I was very curious when I would start seeing blue rectangles all around me. That night I recognized my first blue rectangle. It was my  binder that held my weeks lessons.   Which reminded me to do my needs out loud.  Of  course it did!   Today I did my needs by singing them and it made it fun.  My second go around was while I was driving.  As I was yelling my needs out loud I then turned my face toward the passenger seat and loudly proclaimed I need spiritual growth and true health.  As I was pointing my index finger and then I yelled it again to finish my lesson. It just felt like it will be done, it’s going to happen.

Let me get back to the blue rectangles, each day I was seeing more of them and it always drew me to my needs spiritual growth and true health. Even though I was finished with my chant for the day, it allowed me to think about my needs unconsciously. Hah Ha I’m loving it. This is even though I had to cram in 2 weeks when I was trying to get things done from both weeks and I was focused on getting what I could get done. I was thinking about it every day without realizing at the time that I was, until I started writing  tonight’s blog.  Friday night I was looking for my dictionary that was buried in one of the many box’s that has been packed away for 18 years. Never really needed to unpack my dictionary every again, thanks to my 2 favorite words.  “Ok” Google.  Let me tell you its  been 18 years since I looked up a word from a dictionary,  gotta say I enjoyed it.  Well back to my blue rectangles they where coming from ever where.  Shoe boxes even the shoes that where in the shoe box lol and so much more.  I can only hope that this is the universe letting me know that I will achieve spiritual growth and true heart and it’s putting it out there for all us not just me because the universe is kind when we give back in kindness. I’m here to seek a better way.  Just one extended week has shown me what is possible.  It’s already happening,  it may be tiny buts it’s forward motion.

Tonight as I was trying to sit still the strangest thing appeared in my mind, it was like a video playing in my mind. I couldn’t stop it until the scene was completed.  I even but it on pause with my own thought about how strange this was and after that thought came and went the scene played on.   The gentleman in my video was Tom Holden.  I was using his technic to make an appointment with a prospect by creating an agreement to make sure he showed up and kept his appointment.  I was doing the speaking, doing what he does and was teaching me and it worked. I experienced no hiccups in the verbiage.  It felt comfortable, like I was doing it for years.  I did not put that thought there the image just appeared.  This class is going to very interesting to say the least.  I love it!  Oh!  By the way his technic is 98% in kept appointments!  I might be a little off on those numbers my old memory is still here as well 😉

I never did get to the schedule this week that’s a definite for tomorrow I mismanaged my time last week. Making a schedule Saturday should improve that.  I also have to get in a good habit of reciting my DMP and sitting with a purpose of thought, those are my last catching up lessons and then I’m all ready for week 3.

In a nutshell as a ponder about the week what seemed like a rushed and fast week, and even though I didn’t write my schedule I was still focused on getting in my lessons and tasks done.  Time management needs work but I’m on it. During this week’s journey I have noticed my areas I need tweaking and I have the solution for them. I will be all caught up by the time Sunday rolls around and be ready for week three.  Curious to see what that will bring.  I’m counting on still seeing the blues rectangles every day.  Part of my DMP was I watch a video a day on learning good nuggets to grow my self and my business and I did every day, next is practicing it.  I felt more relaxed and I’m finally excited,  I wasn’t feeling that in the beginning, I’m feeling that tonight for the first time.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!  Please give me a chance to feel my way around on WordPress, and let’s see what kind of fun we can have!  Stay tuned!  I appreciate you all and have an awesome weekend!☺   peace

Please don’t litter  🚯 take the time 🚮 be kind to Mother Nature 😊 be Kind to Everyone!  you Deserve it!  Until next time Norina