Inductive reasoning, Faith and Law of Attraction MKE Week 11

Inductive Reasoning 

The process of the objective mind by which we compare a number of seperate instances with each other until we see the common factor which gives rise to them all.

11 weeks in and in the first 4 weeks we were asked to assign shapes to our (personal pivotal needs) and our (definite major purpose) and this was done in a accumulative progression.  I now connect 4 different shapes and there correlating color to my desires and wants along with my movie board that I put together based on my DMP.   Each day I pratice positive thoughts and don’t entertain the negative as long as I use to.   Without thinking at times I use some form of  the 7 laws of the mind it’s becoming a part of my thoughts other times I catch myself.   A couple of days ago I started a grateful card it just popped into my head and I wrote 3 things to be grateful for on an index card.  Want to hear something crazy, that night I was on a webinar with the same gang who teach the MKE class and they had mentioned for us to start doing grateful index cards and write down 3 a day.  Omg!  If you knew me, you would know I have never done the grateful card or the affirmation thingy, well I am now and have become a believer in it.  The shapes, press release, voice over, DMP, PPN and  movie board all seperate but all have a common factor that will bring rise to them all.  

What is it that guides and determines action?

It is need, want and desire which in the largest sense induce, quide and determine action.  Here we find a method, the spirit of which is, to, believe that what is sought has been accomplished 

“What things so ever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” (Mark 11:24) 

We are first to believe that our desire has already been fulfilled, it’s accomplishment will than follow.  This is a concise direction for making use of the creative power of thought by impressing on the Universal subjective mind, the particular thing which we desire as an already existing fact.

This is my seed that I am planting.  I embody perfect health, I love and I am loved, I travel around the world to my hearts content, always making new friends and learning there cultures.  I am a successful business women who enjoys helping and teaching anyone who wants to learn how to be financially free.  I enjoy the respect of my team and I respect every team  member no matter the generation.  We are familia we all rise together.  Our success earned me a 7 figure income.  I am grateful for my perfect health, family, new friends and the ability to donate more money than before to animal rescues and Im grateful for the mentors who I have learned from that I have meet on this glorious journey that continues with each breath I take.

Faith and Law of Attraction

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.”

Law of attraction is the Law by which faith is brought into manifestation.

I have seen changes in me and little things are happening and I’m starting to actually listen to my inner thoughts and seeing postive results.  I have faith that my needs, wants and desire will manifest.  I will be praying for this every night. ” What soever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them.”  I love the changes in me and I’m grateful that I am open minded and I’m always looking to change for the better.   Norina I am perfect health and I sleep well every night. 

   Please be kind to Mother Nature 

Molly you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious healthy and happy.

Mia you are Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious healthy and happy.


Abundance is the natural law of the universe week 10 MKE

That there is an abundance for everyone is evident,  but that many fail to participate in this abundance is also evident; they have not yet come into a realization of the University of all substance, and that mind is the active principal whereby we are related to the things we desire.

There where times in my life that the natural law of abundance has happened in my life.  The first time where my thoughts of returning back to college, and going for me and not my mom.  My desire was to get an associate degree and get all my so called bs classes out of the way,  you know the classes that really don’t help in your career choice, but lined the pockets of the school and they say the reason behind those classes are to make you a well rounded person.  BS degree really stands for bull shit, lol, because having 2 years in doing clinical or internships would be better suited,  but why take the money away from the educational institutions.  Another day another story, back to me lol.  Well I thought, get my associate degree get a job and have them pay tuition for the next 2 years.  So I set in motion exactly that, to save money I choose a community college, into my 3rd semester I took one of my math classes and math is my kryptonite and on day one I was already lost,  because I’ve had not had math in over 15 years and my class consisted of students just out of high school.   So I dropped that class and took biology instead which was a prerequisite for transferring for nursing and I didn’t want my GPA  going down.   I was maintaining a high B.  I also had to take chemistry for my prerequisites which I was stressing about, so I decided to ask around and getting feedback from students  which teacher to take if you struggle with chemistry, but if you put in the effort and try they would pass you with a C.   So that was my plan and next semester that’s what I did and I ended up with a C.  That didn’t solve what was standing in my way,  my kryptonite.  I even considered paying someone to take those courses for me,  but that never would have sat right with me.  So I put the  math classes off for a while.  I took a personal development class for careers as a an elective and I new it would be a stress less class and  I was already in 4 with labs.  We had to do research in our career center and as I was researching I came across the degree in applied sciences that had no math, but if I did that, it meant another semester but it was a no brainer I was actually enjoying the science classes, that is except Chem lol.  I graduated with honors, even made the Deans list twice.  I had an idea,  I thought of a plan it took root, I had to become creative to solve my obstacle of my kryptonite, I guess by staying in harmony with the creative Principal of Nature and not cheating, I stayed in harmony,and I formed a circuit.  My thoughts remained constructive and positive and I stayed in harmony by not  bringing about negativity of cheating and instead got creative.  This can work  it has happened  a couple times but I never stayed in it being ignorant of the laws of the mind and not knowing about abundance. 

Hannel 10.21 Constructed thought must necessarily be creative,  but creative thought must be harmonious, and this eliminates all destructive or competitive thought.

Than why did this not always happen

Ignorance is a bring reason you can’t pratice what you don’t know.  The other is my fault by allowing other people who have hurt me in my past.  I allowed that to eventually close my heart, stop expecting from others, allowing depression to take a hold of me.   I grew up with abandoment issues and held on to those feelings.  Things were manifesting but I was manifesting what I didn’t want to have in my life by having feelings and  and thoughts about my past wrongs and not forgiving and letting go of what happened.  I’m leaning in this class unless I can forgive, let go of my my past, it happened I can’t change it, staying in a postive, harmonious  loving, give more, be the observer, give service to others, create an idea give it thought and if its in harmony with the creative Principals of Nature and it is in tune with the Infinite mind,  It will be polarized forming a circuit. It will bring me to me what I give to others. I believe in that.  My life has been mostly the opposite of this polarization never forming that circuit and  manifesting negative results in my life.  I’m leaning that writing down a plan, having  positive, creative, harmonious thoughts with feeling and visualizing it all and by giving more, that it will eventually come back to me ten fold.

What I need to do now

Staying focused daily 

I need to write down my ideas, write a plan on how to accomplish it and maintain creative positive harmonious thoughts.  I must continue to pratice the 7 Laws, practice visualization, continue to pratice being an observer and not offering opinions and not allowing my negative thoughts to linger in me like my pasts, I’m doing affirmations that I’ve never have do before but I need to add more gusto to that and more feeling.  I’m a work in progress but I’m seeing changes already that I believe will bring me to a world within.

Thanks for reading peace Norina

Be kind to Mother Nature 

MKE Week 9 Change and Growth

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There is no growth with out change

Magnify youir positive thoughts daily
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This week finds me battling my old blue print, I seem really out of focus and very tired. I’m doing my lessons for the week but have yet do do my voice over, my excuse is that my press release is not done, but that is my old blue print making excuses.  I can certainly due with what I have and add the press release when I am done with it.  

I can see my self at my Ideal weight, imagining my self at 135 and healthy again, no more nerve pain because I decided to heal my self with smart healthy food choices.  I even affirm that I look good and feel the best I have in 15 years, but I have a hard time seeing my self successful in my business and that has held me back on my press release.  There is an affirmation in lesson 9, I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.  I have been saying it and I need to ramp it up but I get more excited to say it for a friends daughter who just found out she has stage 3 kidney cancer and the child is only 3.  Molly you are whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.   Anyone who reads this will you do an affirmation for Molly.  I have added a another affirmation to my card.   I am courageous, powerful, self-reliant, confident, focused, and successful.  I am not giving in to my old ways, it is just a hick up on my path to change and growth. I’m more aware now and forming new habits to keep me on my path of my desire to change and get what I truly desire.

My Desires

Are to travel around the world and obtain financial freedom for myself and others.  Once I learn how to help myself and learn to believe in me than I can successfully serve others.  I will help others to financial freedom but I must first find the courage and self confidence and belief in myself, so others can believe in me and believe I will help them succeed.  My new blueprint.  


I will add a sit to my day to practice visualizing a plan that will bring me the success and financial freedom I desire.  I also need to practice saying I love you silently to everyone I come across I continue to forget doing that.  I’m not going to get down on myself for only giving 90% of myself I just need to stop cheating myself the other 10% and improve my efforts.  I will do as the lesson tells me to do. I will hold in my mind the condition desired and affirm it as an already existing fact.  By doing that it indicates the value of a powerful affirmation.  By constant repetition it becomes a part of ourselves.  Lesson 9 acknowledges that by doing that we are actually changing ourselves, we are making ourselves what we want to be.  

I am courageous, powerful, self-reliant, confident, focused and successful 

Molly you are whole, perfect ,strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy


Be kind to Mother Nature

Our thoughts Are Governed by Law Week 8 of MKE

If I Only Knew

8.2 As the purpose of life is growth, all principals underlying existence must contribute to give it effect.  thought, therefore, takes form and the law of growth eventually brings it into manifestation.

This quote takes me back to 2005 when I decided to go back to school to become a nurse once again to increase my salary.  I was basically doing the job of an LPN, and not receiving what I should have been in salary for my work, and yes I did ask numerous times for a pay hike, I guess I just didn’t ask how much I wanted and the result was always limited.  Goals set, and back in school part time doing my sciences all over again,  my mind set on completion and I was enjoying my science classes,  but in the process a another thought I had was that I really never wanted to be a nurse which was probably why I never pursued nursing after I completed my associate degree in 93.  Jan 2008 one class away from submitting to nursing schools,  I was rear ended and because of the way my body was position that accident opened up a can of worms for me.  I had congenital back problems I never knew I had, until this incident brought it to the fore front,  along with herniated disc from my neck down to lumbar and chronic inflammation,  nerve pain and  so many other issues as a result.  I tried working through the chronic daily pain but in the end my mind decided I needed a break and the employer’s nurse told me to go home and heal.  I tried to return after 4 months but I only lasted a week and went on extended medical leave that lasted for a year.  Lost my position and no one in the hospital would take a chance on me.  I lost 11 years there a cumulation of 6 weeks of vacation, sick leave and my pension.  The pain and not getting any sleep, stress and depression where my daily thoughts.  My aspirations of becoming  a nurse where done.  They weren’t my aspirations now where they?  I realized that in week 2 that my subconscious mind knew my desire not to be a nurse and it apparently decided to make something happen, to take me off my course.  The Law Of Subconscious accepted the demand of me not wanting to be a nurse and took drastic measures of putting that accident in my life to take me off the course of becoming a nurse, because of my stubborn ego,  I was determined to be what I really didn’t want to be.  I truly believe that.  I’m not telling you about my chronic pain that I had for the past 10 years so you can feel sorry for me.  I don’t need your sympathy, I’m a survivor always have been, I’m just sharing what I learned this week that would have prevented years of pain.  Dwelling on my pain, those thoughts took form and contributed to my chronic pain all those years. 

If I only knew about the Law of Growth back than.  What ever we think grows.  What we forget atrophies.  I was manifesting my pain with my daily thoughts of it.  Since taking this MKE class were being taught these 7 laws learning one each week and linking them together in our life with practice,  practice makes perfect another law of the mind.  Thanks to Davene one of our mentors, teacher and one of the creator of the MKE , she suggested to a fellow tribe member Rob, who had mentioned he has pain in his shoulder from a surgery, and it really bothers him when he does his sits.  Davene suggestion was, when he was in a sit to tell his mind to release the pain away.  Well I decided to run with that for myself, and it has been helping me Immensely.  I was having a problem relaxing and now that issue is gone as well. 

8.3 You may freely chose what you think, but the result of your thought is governed by an immutable law.  Any line of thought persisted in cannot fail to produce its result in the character, health and circumstances of the individual.  Methods where by we can substitute habits of constructive thinking for those which we have found produce only undesirable effects are therefore of primary importance.

 Now That I know

Now that I know about the 7 laws of the Mind I intend to use them daily.  I will choose to feed my mind positive thoughts and be persistent in my quest for true health. I will imagine every day that I am my ideal weight and I wake up every morning with out pain.  I will imagine my hair growing back and feel ecstatic that it is, I will see my self confidently talking to people about my new business venture and showing them how much it will benefit there business or there life.  I will imagine my self traveling around the world and immersing  my self in different cultures and building new friendships because that is what I truly want. With the Practice of the Law of Subconscious, Dual Thought, Law of Growth I believe these thoughts will manifest for me.  My needs are true health and  liberty to travel to my hearts content. The Law of relaxation will prepare my mind for these thoughts and the Law of substitution will keep me on track to live in a positive state of mind. 

In Conclusion 

Magnify youir positive thoughts daily
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I know this to be hard but living the way I have, looking at it now was definitely harder.  I choose this new way of thinking,  I practice every day to achieve it.  I know there will be days that I fail,  but I let that failure be a lesson and learn from it and live a better day after that.  Law of the Subconscious: as soon as the subconscious accepts the idea it becomes a demand and it works constantly,  24/7,  to manifest demand, accessing a reservoir of infinite resources.  Well I’m thirsty for that to happen.  I have work to do.

Peace Norina

Be kind to Mother Nature,  she’s always watching!

Master Key Experience Week 7 – How True Love Became a Part of Me

This spoke to my heart and shows the courage of a young women and the strength of leader to show her raw truth to help others who are struggling.  We can all learn from this, I know I have. thank you Constance

Burgess - Pathway to Success

True Love

I Love Scroll II’s emphasis on loving, yet I know it’s not as simple as making a decision to love that will bring about the reality of it.

I have a feeling that some of you may be struggling with emotions that are warring against your ability to love fully and unconditionally:  anger, bitterness, jealousy, fear, low self-esteem, unforgiveness and hatred for example.  These emotions took root in us because of things we’ve suffered in the past and we can try to bury these emotions beneath a pretense of love, or we can do the real work of getting free.  After all, some of us have a personal, pivotal need for LIBERTY and that liberty, or freedom, will never be realized in the “world within” if negative emotions lay beneath the façade of love.

I’m going to get very personal with you in the hopes that my testimony will help…

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7 Day Mental Diet? Week 7 MKE

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7 days continuously without negative thoughts; for real

Attempting to go about my daily day without negative thoughts has brought about an awareness in me that I did not realize.  WOW!  Damn!  I didn’t realize how much negativity I spew out.  I’m lucky to have made an hour and that’s usually if I’m at home lol and it’s just me.  If a negative thought lingers for more than 7 sec I have to restart and start all over again.  I didn’t realize that being frustrated from standing in a short line  and it was taking longer than it should, my opinion, because the clerk is slow, or being cut off while driving, calling the driver a jerk where negative, it just seemed such a normal response.  I didn’t realize frustration was negativity.  Let me tell you I was so disappointed in my self to realize I was more negative than I thought.  I did not get a chance to watch this Sundays webinar and I just watched it, before I wrote this blog.  Mark J. told us it’s not our fault it’s a 100 years of heredity that we are predisposition to think negatively.  Hope it doesn’t take me 100 years to go 7 days without a negative thought,  lol.  To be honest I didn’t start the diet until Thursday after I read Emmet Fox 7 day Diet on Tuesday he instructed to try it when you are ready, so I started it Thursday.  Was I ready to find out how much negativity there is all around me and by me?   The negativity around me didn’t surprise me, being so negative myself did.  So now that the cat is out of the bag and to be honest this week I’ve been living the sin of the desert, which means I’ve been not giving my full effort this week.  Its times to dig in and be the best positive person that I  can be, by practicing the law of substitution more than I have been with the 7 day mental diet.

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I want to be able to look in the mirror every night and ask Norina, if she did her best today?  And with enthusiasm say yes, “yes I frigging did Norina”!  I will practice, practice, practice to accomplish 7 consecutive days of no negative thoughts or opinions, verbally or mentally!   I always keep my promises Norina Lelii

Today I begin a new life

I will greet this day with love in my heart.  This is the second week on The Greatest Salesman in the World Scroll II and we had to carry over 1 sentence from Scroll I and place on top of scroll II. Today I begin a new life is my sentence. I was going to use another sentence but on the last day of the read, I chose this instead and I had not read what the first line in scroll II was yet until after I wrote that.   My heart has not been open to love for quite some time now, and I’ve been saying to my self that its time to open it again, so it seems appropriate that I’ve changed my mind and used that line, instead of I swallow the seed of success.  Today I begin a new life, I will greet this day with love in my heart.  I’m ready for my journey of love and I’m ready to give more of it once again.

Peace to all Norina

Be kind to yourself and others and don’t forget give more 

Be kind to Mother Nature


Master Keys Week 6 Awareness, Focus and Pratice

Practice makes perfect

Week 6 finds me a little off my game, physically and mentally.  Monday had me thinking of quitting just for a brief moment but I used one of the 7 Laws of the Mind.  The Law of Dual Thought and immediately thought out loud and said,” Norina Lelii you are not giving up on yourself get that thought out of your head.” and bam it was gone!  Hasn’t been back since.  Also in the same day as I was putting the dishes away a though crossed my mind, “do a sit” so I put down what I was doing and did a sit, I actually listened  to myself for a change.  The first thing that popped in to my thoughts was an opportunity that was brought to me and I’m not sure if I want to go that route and I even imagined getting my family together to it, but I think I need another sit on it.   I’ve been practicing bringing  all 7 Laws of  the Mind in to my life. Some are conscious efforts like the Law of Substitution when a negative thoughts enter your mind you try to think of something pleasant instead it seems to be happening naturally. I’m not perfect but is a great start and I’m proud of that.  I’m definitely noticing that I’m more relaxed and less stressed. Not all the time but I’m definitely improving on it.  Since I’m practicing I’ve got that covered even when I don’t realize that I am doing it.  I’m manifesting and linking with my shapes and doing my lessons and sits so I can see my self growing.  I’m even sitting with Law of Forgiveness and I believe in time that I will eventually be able to forgive all.  This week started off if it could go wrong it did.  With me I swear it’s a full moon thing.  Little things where happening and then I fell off a ladder but on the  positive side to that was, if my car was not parked in the garage area, one I would have broken my screen door and two I could have done more damage to an old beat up back.  In stead I got banked up but I stood up and bounced off the car instead of falling backwards and smashing my head. I took care of myself didn’t go for any pharmacy drugs and used CBD oil instead.  If I wasn’t on a new healthy lifestyle I would be in more pain and my recovery would take longer.  So I’m grateful for that.  I’m grateful in that I can see myself getting healthy not just my weight, every sit before I start my lesson I ask my mind to relax and release the pain, per Davene suggestions.

Power of thought

Lesson 6.21 Hannel says, ” So with the power of thought; let power be dissipated by scattering the thought from one object to another, and no result is apparent; but focus this power through attention or concentration on any single purpose for any length of time and nothing becomes impossible.  This is where I’m having a hardship in that I can’t see where I want my future to be I’m having a hard time focusing on the happiness I desire, I wonder if it’s because when at times when I felt truly happy it was short-lived.  I have a beginning of what I want to happen and with whom but then I lose focus and my mind wonders and im at the beginning again.  Have to sit on this block and push through it.


The week 6 sit exercise was to look at a picture for at least 10 mins and try to capture that image in your mind with a mental image of the picture. Before I did the sit Hannel suggested pick a single object and concentrate our attention on a definite purpose for 10 minutes, he said you cannot do it, that your mind would wander a dozen times and you would have to keep bringing your thought back to the original purpose.  Haha of course he was right.  Lol.  I had no problem capturing a mental picture and when I wasn’t sitting I was able to capture a mental picture of a coworker who I have not seen in over 25 years.  I don’t know why  she popped in to my mind but it was crazy how I could see the color of her shirt the expressions she would make with her eyes and that big smile she had.  I could even see the color lipstick she was wearing. It was a bizarre occurrence.  I’m sure there will be a link somewhere in the future.

In conclusion I know I have a lot of work to do on my self, it’s not going to happen over night and that’s ok with me. Look how long it took me to get this point, not over night! What matters is that I’m learning, I’m living, I’m growing and I’m not lonely in this quest for a new way of life.  Even though we live all around the world we all have one thing in common, we want change.  MKE found us for a reason.  We are all damaged, in some form or another, we all handle it in different ways, we all want the same thing to chip away at our cement and anytime we find that link or push though that mental block of fear more pieces fall to our feet and glimmers of gold squeak out. We want to have faith and believe that we will find what we truly desire and treat it with the respect and love that we deserve.  We all want our Gold to shine through not just glimmers of it.

Bedtime Ritual

I looked in the mirror after I read the poem I can honestly say I’m at 85 to 90% of what I’m doing but I’m getting better I’m still here trying.  I looked in the mirror and repeated I love myself.   I can’t wait until I feel the power of those words.

Love to all and believing in all of us finding our Golden Buddha’s

Peace and blessings Norina

Be kind to Mother Nature 😊