7 Day Mental Diet? Week 7 MKE

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7 days continuously without negative thoughts; for real

Attempting to go about my daily day without negative thoughts has brought about an awareness in me that I did not realize.  WOW!  Damn!  I didn’t realize how much negativity I spew out.  I’m lucky to have made an hour and that’s usually if I’m at home lol and it’s just me.  If a negative thought lingers for more than 7 sec I have to restart and start all over again.  I didn’t realize that being frustrated from standing in a short line  and it was taking longer than it should, my opinion, because the clerk is slow, or being cut off while driving, calling the driver a jerk where negative, it just seemed such a normal response.  I didn’t realize frustration was negativity.  Let me tell you I was so disappointed in my self to realize I was more negative than I thought.  I did not get a chance to watch this Sundays webinar and I just watched it, before I wrote this blog.  Mark J. told us it’s not our fault it’s a 100 years of heredity that we are predisposition to think negatively.  Hope it doesn’t take me 100 years to go 7 days without a negative thought,  lol.  To be honest I didn’t start the diet until Thursday after I read Emmet Fox 7 day Diet on Tuesday he instructed to try it when you are ready, so I started it Thursday.  Was I ready to find out how much negativity there is all around me and by me?   The negativity around me didn’t surprise me, being so negative myself did.  So now that the cat is out of the bag and to be honest this week I’ve been living the sin of the desert, which means I’ve been not giving my full effort this week.  Its times to dig in and be the best positive person that I  can be, by practicing the law of substitution more than I have been with the 7 day mental diet.

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I want to be able to look in the mirror every night and ask Norina, if she did her best today?  And with enthusiasm say yes, “yes I frigging did Norina”!  I will practice, practice, practice to accomplish 7 consecutive days of no negative thoughts or opinions, verbally or mentally!   I always keep my promises Norina Lelii

Today I begin a new life

I will greet this day with love in my heart.  This is the second week on The Greatest Salesman in the World Scroll II and we had to carry over 1 sentence from Scroll I and place on top of scroll II. Today I begin a new life is my sentence. I was going to use another sentence but on the last day of the read, I chose this instead and I had not read what the first line in scroll II was yet until after I wrote that.   My heart has not been open to love for quite some time now, and I’ve been saying to my self that its time to open it again, so it seems appropriate that I’ve changed my mind and used that line, instead of I swallow the seed of success.  Today I begin a new life, I will greet this day with love in my heart.  I’m ready for my journey of love and I’m ready to give more of it once again.

Peace to all Norina

Be kind to yourself and others and don’t forget give more 

Be kind to Mother Nature



Week 5 Master Key Praticing Letting Go

Practicing cleaning of my mind of past hurts, betrayals, and negativity 

I’ve been reading Master Keys lesson week 5 since Monday and it wasn’t until Thursday evening when I finished reading Emerson essay on Compensation that it hit me. Until I let go of my past traumas and forgive those who took away my childhood innocence that the change and growth I seek will continue as they are static.  If I forgive them than I can forgive me, 2 halves of a whole. It seems by just trying to forget and not working through it and letting go has not worked in my life.  This year beginning in January flashbacks that I have pushed back have come to the forefront and ones that have not come in years also want their way out. I’ve never spoken of this, it’s been my experience alone for 49 years and I know now, that until I release these negative thoughts from my mind and put the past behind me, that I will not be able to control my mind and find that power withen.  In Emerson’s essay this is where I had my aha moment.  “Nothing can work me damage except myself; the harm that I sustain I carry about with me, and never am a real sufferer but by my own fault.”  After I read the essay I proceeded with the daily reading of Hannel and when I got to 5.12 mental, moral and physical cleanliness are absolutely indispensable if we are to make progress of any kind.  That connection between the two for me, made me more aware of what I need to do.  Until I clean my mind of all my circumstances in my past, that I will never be able to bring my desire to realization.  I might have the keys in hand but I won’t be able to be heir and take possession of the fine abundant estate that is waiting for me.  My mind and spirit will only be half of each other and not the whole it needs to be.

I think a chip has fallen off my Buddha

In conclusion I know what I need to do and after reading 7 Laws of the Mind,  I must continue to practice cleaning my mind, sitting still and stop the negativity from entering my thoughts and if they do replace them with a pleasant happy thought.  I must forgive everyone and anyone who has caused me harm or injustice.  Until I do, I will not grow I will not have access to the Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresence Creator.  I know this is a process, it’s one that I will continue.  I’m so glad Master Keys found me and I have the belief and faith that I will conquer my demons with practice.  I will gain control of my thoughts and take possession of that estate and have an abundance of heath and liberty.  Thanks to the Creator who blessed me with an open mind for that has been constant in my life always.   I always keep my promises Norina Lelii

It’s amazing how all these readings link together and everyone sees what they need to to start the crumbling of the cement. I look forward to reading other blogs on week 5

PEACE Norina


Be kind to Mother Nature

Show a little kindness to everyone you meet!